Sleep Tips

Best Mattresses of 2023

The best mattresses of 2023, including the best for back pain, the best for side sleepers, the best for kids, and many more! See how our mattress experts rated the best of the best!

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The Ten Sleep Commandments

Thou shalt read the Ten Sleep Commandments in order to get your best night's sleep! (See what we did there? We're so clever!)

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Mattress Buying Guide

The mattress experts at Gardner White, Michigan's #1 mattress store, break down all aspects of mattresses and what to consider when shopping for a new mattress in this buying guide.

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A woman asleep in bed with black colored bedding and sheets

10 Ways to Know if You Need to Replace Your Mattress

Here are 10 different ways to know if your mattress needs to be replaced, brought to you by the mattress experts at Gardner White!

How to Know it's Time to Replace Your Mattress

Adjustable Base Buying Guide

Choosing an adjustable base to pair with your bed can be tricky, there are a lot of options out there. For more information, and tips on how to choose, read our buying guide here.

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A large piece of memory foam with letters made from loose memory foam spelling out 'memory foam'

All About Memory Foam Mattresses

If you're looking for more information about memory foam mattresses, their construction, and how they support you, read here what Gardner White's mattress experts have written.

All About Memory Foam Mattresses
A woman laying on her side in bed sleeping

All About Hybrid Mattresses

Are you confused when people talk about hybrid mattresses? What exactly ARE hybrid beds? Read this article that our experts wrote for you here!

All About Hybrids
A woman spreads out a blanket whilst making up a bed with fresh bedding

All About Bedding

Have you ever wondered what all the items are that constitute bedding? The bedding experts at Gardner White have all the answers for you here!

All About Bedding
A woman laying in bed while still awake

How to Break In a New Mattress

Have you purchased a new mattress and it's not as comfortable as it was in the showroom? Follow these tips to break in your new mattress!

How do I break in a new mattress?
A woman sleeping on a sectional sleeper couch

Sleeper Sofa Buying Guide

A sleeper sofa is a great option for when you host overnight guests. The furniture experts at Gardner White have written this buying guide to help you when choosing one for your home!

Sleeper Sofa Buying Guide

S&F Estate Firm Pillowtop Mattress Review

Gardner White's mattress experts review the Estate Firm Pillowtop Mattress complete with pros & cons, a video review, and technical data regarding if this is the right mattress for you or not!

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S&F Lux Estate Medium Tight Top Mattress Review

Gardner White's team of mattress experts evaluate the Lux Estate Medium Tight Top Mattress, providing a comprehensive analysis that includes the mattress's advantages and disadvantages, an informative video review, and detailed technical data.

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S&F Lux Estate Soft Pillowtop Mattress Review

Gardner White's team of mattress experts reviewed the Lux Estate FSoft Pillowtop Mattress, providing a comprehensive evaluation that includes its advantages and disadvantages, a detailed video review, as well as technical data to help determine if this mattress is the ideal choice for you.

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Tempur-Pedic LuxeBREEZE Medium Hybrid Mattress Review

Read our mattress experts' review of the Tempur-Pedic LuxeBreeze Medium Hybrid Mattress. They've included a detailed video, pros & cons, as well as technical data about this bed.

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A large stack of several mattresses

The Different Mattress Types Compared

What exactly is a Memory Foam Mattress? An Innerspring? A hybrid?!? This article explains the differences and similarities between the mattress industry's three main types.

Innerspring vs Memory Foam vs Hybrid

TEMPUR Luxe Breeze Soft Mattress Review

We've reviewed the Luxe Breeze Soft Mattress from Tempur Pedic. See what our experts had to say in the pros and cons, and an expert review video.

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Furniture for Small Spaces

Furnishing a small space usually means a small apartment or flat, and you're going to need bedding that will fit in there. This article addresses mattresses and bedroom furniture for small spaces.

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Tempur Luxe Breeze Firm Mattress Review

Do you think that you need a firm foam mattress for your best night's sleep? Our mattress experts weigh in with this expert review of the Luxe Breeze Firm from Tempur-Pedic.

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Tempur Adapt Medium Mattress Review

The Adapt Medium mattress from Tempurpedic was put through its paces by Gardner White's mattress experts. Read this review to see if this mattress might be the right one for you!

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Tempur-Pro Breeze Medium Mattress Review

We put our mattress experts to work evaluating Tempur-Pedic's latest mattresses, including the Pro Breeze Medium. Read their review here.

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Split King vs. Divided King - Adjustable Bases

There are two types of king-size adjustable bases. Do you know the difference between them? Read our article for more information.

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Refresh Your Sleep in Three Easy Steps

Not getting the best sleep lately? Need some help figuring out what to do to improve your sleep? Read how to refresh your sleep in three easy steps!

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A graphic comparing the size of a standard foundation and a low profile foundation

Height Matters in Your Foundation

The height of your foundation, or box spring, makes a big difference to your overall bed. With some mattresses measuring up to 20" tall these days, you need to be sure you get the right foundation!

Height Matters in Your Foundation
A person laying on a pillow on the floor in front of the refrigerator with the door open.

Why Am I So Hot When I Sleep?

Sleep temperature is a critical factor in getting a good night's sleep. If you sleep too hot you're guaranteed a long night of tossing, turning, and sweating. Learn more about the science of sleeping hot in this article.

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An old mattress leans up against trash bins at the street awaiting pickup.

How to Get Rid of an Old Mattress

Now that you have a new mattress, what are you supposed to do with the old one? The mattress experts at Gardner White have your back with this information!

How to Get Rid of an Old Mattress
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