Height Matters…In Your Foundation

When it comes to creating the perfect bed to sleep on, having something, like a box spring (also known as a foundation) or adjustable base, between the mattress itself and the floor is helpful. Making the proper selection depends on several factors.

Did you know that, historically, a box spring was a wood box filled with metal coils that added cushioning to the otherwise stiff mattresses of the time? Fast forward to today and the box spring no longer contains springs. While the name box spring has stuck, the more correct term is foundation.

Height Matters… when purchasing a new mattress and foundation. The main purpose of a foundation is to support the mattress and raise the sleeping surface to a comfortable height. This overall height includes mattress, foundation and bed frame, and varies for each person. The height should be somewhere between your knee and hip.

Box springs or foundations come in two approximate heights: 9″ standard and 5″ low-profile.

Know that it is possible to custom order an ultra-low foundation that can stand 3″ or lower.

Adjustable bases come in a variety of heights and take the place of a traditional foundation or box spring. It supports your mattress while also giving you the ability to sit upright by lifting the top portion of the mattress. More advanced adjustable bases give you options like lifting your feet or activating a massage feature. You can read all about adjustable bases here.

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