Kluft Mattresses

The Standard of
Luxury and Comfort

The Kluft Collection is where true luxury begins. It features our patented Kluft Standard™ technology that synchronizes with your body for dry comfort and is handcrafted with the finest natural materials and TerraPur™ latex to produce the most refined luxury sleep ever devised.

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Precise, flawless, and finished to perfection—these are the hallmarks of a Kluft mattress. Handcrafted by master artisans using nature’s finest materials, a Kluft bed defines sublime comfort and unsurpassed luxury.

Forged with the World’s Most Exceptional Materials

Experience the best sleep ever, every night in a Kluft luxury handmade mattress using the finest natural materials. Sourced from destinations across the world, our materials include some of the richest, most luxurious natural fibers in existence.

  • Memory foam


    Experience mohair’s rare and luxurious lasting comfort from ultra-soft, naturally elastic, and crease-resistant layers. Mohair preserves a perfect night’s sleep for years to come.

  • Memory foam


    Experience the rich comfort and luxurious feel of strong, silky, and exotically sourced top-tier horsehair. A beautiful layer of lush material invites inherent ventilating properties and a sensation of calm relaxation.

  • Memory foam


    Cashmere is a timeless expression of superior comfort and exclusivity. Cradling your body with the optimal blend of softness and support, a layer of cashmere reduces pressure points for a serene night’s sleep.

  • Memory foam


    Incorporating the highest-quality alpaca fibers for exceptional comfort, hypoallergenic benefits, and resistance to water and fire. Enjoy an unbelievably plush sleep experience with this exclusive, exotic fiber.

  • Memory foam

    Goose Down

    Goose down has been a symbol of pure comfort and luxury for centuries. Ultra-light and amazingly warm, down quickly builds up a pleasant heat while ensuring moisture is constantly wicked away.

  • Memory foam


    The pinnacle of luxurious fabric, silk is sewn onto the mattress for an unrivaled soft texture and beautiful shine. The exceptional quality and artistry of silk’s remarkable texture and strong natural fibers lend elite sophistication.


The sophisticated support and luxurious comfort of our patented Kluft Standard™, and layers of luxury wool and ultra-soft silk fibers, define the construction behind the most restful night’s sleep on an Eminence mattress.



Elegantly assembled for high-class comfort, the Duchess mattress features rich softness of our signature Belgian Jacquard Damask, woven with world-class materials and our signature Kluft Standard™ to reduce pressure points.



Magnificently tailored and hand-tufted for maximum comfort and durability, the Regalia mattress features layers of rich, natural materials and our Original Marshall® Springs for aligning hundreds of individual coils.


Divine Luxe

The handcrafted Divine Luxe bed is made to order to the utmost excellence. The patented Original Marshall® pocket coils are layered with all-natural TerraPur™ latex and the perfect blend of the richest natural fibers, all surmounted with a cotton-wrapped goose down pad for a luxurious night’s sleep.


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