The Egg Hunt has ended. Thank you to all those who participated. We'll be contacting the winner of the grand prize shortly.

Hunt for Eggs at Gardner-White

Redeem Your Eggs In-Store For Gardner-White Cash

Before you head out to the store, click the "Redeem" button below. We'll send you an email with a special code that your salesperson will use toward your next qualifying purchase. You can click the "Redeem" button as often as you'd like, but you can only use that code once.

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Official Rules

  1. $1 Gift Certificates will be awarded for every egg found online. Minimum 10 eggs, maximum $100 off.
  2. You may redeem your gift certificate on this page after finding at least 10 eggs.
  3. One grand prize winner will be chosen at random from the customers that find over 100 eggs to receive a $1000 gift certificate.
  4. Gift certificates can be applied to purchases made March 15 – April 4. Minimum purchase $399.
  5. One gift certificate per person may be redeemed. Cannot combine gift certificates.
  6. Cannot be used on purchases before 03/15/18, Tempur-Pedic®, clearance or floor samples. Must be redeemed by 04/04/18.


Find out where you rank against the other egg hunters out there.

  Name Found
1 Herb T. 1110
2 Ashrah P. 1034
3 Cathy W. 870
4 Kristina P. 680
5 Fatin S 662
6 shaelyn e. 545
7 Jill P. 460
8 Hosnara C. 442
9 Raymond S. 301
10 Nina J. 281
11 Parvez K. 278
12 Jennifer . 275
13 Ashley K. 272
14 Shannon M. 264
15 Gena D. 231
16 Steve C. 211
17 Tracey H. 209
18 Cristle A. 200
18 Sheri V. 200
18 Cassandra O. 200