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Sectional Couches and Sofas

Enjoy seating for the whole family with a sectional couch. From modular sets to reclining combinations that can be flipped in any direction, find a set you'll love today. Plus, have it delivered on your schedule – same day and evening delivery available.

  • Sectional Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a sectional couch?

    A sectional couch is a group of seating options gathere together to make one couch. For instance, you can have a right side, a left side, a center console with storage and drink holders and a corner piece that turns the couch 90 degrees to one side or the other. These several pieces are joined together to create one sectional couch unit.

  • How do I measure a sectional?

    From the top edge of the back section to the opposite side. If it's a corner unit, measure corner to corner. Because sectioanls are so customizable, the measurements are very flexible.

  • How do I connect a sectional?

    There is no one way for all sectionals. However, the most common way is to interlace the two brackets on either side of each piece so that they won't drift apart. One other way is that the feet overlap and can be joined with hardware.

  • Best place to buy a sectional?

    Gardner White! We have the largest in-stock selection of furniture with free same-day delivery available!

If you are unsure about sectionals couches and need more information, you can read our article - All About Sectionals. In it, we break down the different types of sectionals, all the available features, and the method to selecting one for your home! It's one of the many reasons that Gardner White is Michigan's #1 mattress and furniture store!

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