Sealy combines smart innovation, precise engineering and industry-leading testing to ensure quality and durability. You can trust Sealy to deliver durable support and comfort in every mattress we make.

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Posturepedic Technology Delivers Targeted Support Where You Need It Most

Sealy’s exclusive Posturepedic Technology targets the heaviest part of your body with reinforced support where you need it most. Only Posturepedic Technology’s zoned support gives you deep, targeted support for exceptional all-over comfort.

Every Sealy Mattress is Filled with Innovation

Zoned Support
Adjustable Base Compatible
DuraFlex Edge
Pressure Relief

Add an Adjustable Base for Total Comfort

Adjustable bases provide enhanced options for the ways people use their beds. Sealy offers an adjustable base with head and foot lift for a wide range of ergonomic positions, as well as a head-up-only version to accommodate reading, watching TV or using a laptop.