Beautyrest Black Mattresses

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True comfort that indulges the senses is just the beginning. Beautyrest® Black® pairs the most advanced sleep technology with ultimate luxury–the luxury of feeling like you’re waking up for the first time.

The Beautyrest® Black® Difference

The Heart of the Mattress

Advanced Pocketed Coil® Technology is the heart of the Beautyrest Black mattress and exclusive to the Beautyrest Black line. These triple stranded coils provide greater durability than traditional wrapped coils while delivering pressure relief, motion separation for undisturbed sleep, and back support.

Comfort and Pressure Relief

Micro Diamond™ Memory Foam works with Advanced Pocketed Coil® Technology to create Beautyrest Black's best conforming back support. Micro diamonds in the foam work to conduct heat away from the body to prevent overheating.

Temperature Management

SurfaceCool™ Plus Fiber, located at the surface of the bed, is designed to dissipate body heat away from the sleeping surface to help keep you comfortable throughout the night.


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