Why Am I So Hot When I Sleep?

Many people find themselves unable to fall asleep or stay asleep because they are too hot at night — myself included. Temperature can have a big impact on your quality of sleep and figuring out the cause of your heat discomfort is the first step in solving it. 

Room Temperature + Humidity

Naturally the temperature of your room will impact how well you sleep. Doctors suggest keeping the thermostat between 60-67º at night for the most comfortable sleep. Our core temperatures naturally dip in the evening and cooling off your room can signal to your body that it is time to go to bed. 

Did you know the humidity level in your bedroom can cause you to lose sleep as well? A higher humidity point makes is harder for perspiration to evaporate off your body leaving you hot and sweaty. A dehumidifier or fan is a great help in terms of room temperature and humidity. 

Tip: Your ceiling fan has two settings, one for summer with downward airflow and one for winter with upward airflow. If you think your fan isn’t helping enough it may not be set for the current season. 

Sleeping Materials 

What you wear to bed and what you sleep under may be causing your heat issues. Heavier, less breathable fabrics trap body heat so a big comforter or thick sleepwear isn’t ideal for warm sleeping conditions.  

Making the switch to a lighter, cooling comforter or lightweight blanket might be the trick to your good night’s sleep. Materials like cotton, silk, and bamboo will be your best friends in terms of breathability and comfort. 

Evening Activities 

Any sort of activity that elevates your heart rate is going to wake you up and keep you up later. If you are an evening exerciser it is recommended you give yourself enough time after your workout for your heart rate to drop and your body temperature to cool off, which is roughly one hour after your workout.  

Evening caffeine intake can also impact your ability to sleep. Not only does it increase your mental alertness and cause your mind to wander, but caffeine also raises your core body temperature. Switch to drinks like water and juice starting in the late afternoon to avoid this. 

Sleeping Companions 

From partners to children, sharing your bed with another being is sure to warm you up. If you find yourself extra hot at night while sharing a blanket with someone else consider using separate comforters. This way, instead of body heat from two people being trapped under one blanket you only have your own body heat to impact you and you are still able to be close to your loved ones. 

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