Tempur Pedic LuxeBreeze Medium Hybrid Mattress Expert Review

The Tempur-Pedic LuxeBreeze Medium Hybrid Mattress with a lady laying on top smiling

The LuxeBreeze Medium Hybrid mattress from Tempur Pedic is the most recent addition to the Breeze collection as of May 2023. Their newest and most advanced Pure Cool® Plus material effectively absorbs and removes heat from the body. Read on for our complete review of this mattress:

Last Updated: September 13, 2023

A Queen size LuxeBreeze Medium Hybrid mattress on top of a TempurERGO Smart Adjustable Base
The LuxeBreeze Medium Hybrid mattress is compatible with adjustable bases!

Pros & Cons


Medium comfort works for almost all sleepers

Hybrid technology is very supportive

Cooling technology helps to maintain an ideal sleep temperature

Tempur material reduces sleep disturbances due to motion transfer


Not ideal if you prefer a firmer or softer-feeling bed

Offgassing can cause an unpleasant odor temporarily

Can be pricey for budget-minded shoppers

Our Expert Review Video

Kevin Aldred, one of Gardner White’s mattress experts, offers a mattress review of the Tempur-Pedic LuxeBreeze Medium Hybrid in this video:

Tempur-Pedic Lux Breeze Medium Hybrid from Gardner-White Furniture on Vimeo.

Kevin Aldred, Mattress Expert

This mattress combines best in class support for your lower back, with a superior pressure-relieving comfort layer and a cooling cover to ensure a night free of tossing and turning or being hot one minute and cold the next. 

— Kevin Aldred, Mattress Expert

The Layers Within a LuxeBreeze Medium Hybrid

An image showing each of the five individual layers within a LuxeBreeze Medium Hybrid mattress

SmartClimate® Cover

The cool-to-the-touch cover has heat-absorbing fibers that draw heat away from your body. The cover is also removable and machine-washable, while the high-stretch performance panel adds to its durability and practicality.

Heat-Diffusing Layer

This layer works in tandem with the Ventilated Advanced Relief™ material to dramatically absorb any excess heat and provide an even more enhanced cooling effect, ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep. This is exclusive technology in TEMPUR-Breeze® mattresses only.

Pure Cool® Plus Material

Tempur-Pedic has introduced an upgraded version of their exclusive and innovative cooling material, engineered to effectively remove heat from your body, ensuring that even those who tend to feel hot while sleeping can stay cool throughout the night.

Ventilated Advanced Relief™ Material

Experience deeper and more restful sleep with this unique pressure-relieving material from Tempur-Pedic, now enhanced with increased ventilation for improved airflow. This one-of-a-kind material provides you with the ultimate sleep experience.

Hybrid Technology

With over 1,300 premium, double-stacked innersprings, the mattress provides a lighter and more responsive feel, ensuring support for any sleeping position.

Is This Mattress Good For You?

This mattress is great for:This mattress is not ideal for:
Sleep partners with different comfort preferencesThose who prefer a very firm feeling bed
Back sleepers of all body sizesPeople who prefer a very soft feeling bed
Petite to average sized side sleepersLarger sized individuals who sleep on their sides
Folks who experience back painAnyone on a tight budget


Per Tempur-Pedic: “Our mattresses are designed to exceed the highest standards and we stand behind their quality, year after year. Simply put, if your new mattress has a manufacturer’s defect within 10 years of purchase, we’ll replace or repair it.” See their full warranty policy here.

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