Repreve Fabrics

REPREVE® is the world’s number one brand of recycled performance fiber. Our high-quality fibers are made from 100% recycled materials, including post consumer plastic bottles and pre-consumer waste. ​ The result is a comfortable, cooling mattress cover that allows you to sleep easy and breathe easy.

Sustainable REPREVE Fabric

Using sustainable materials to make furniture is really important for keeping our environment safe. Materials like bamboo, old wood that's been used before, and recycled metals help us use less of the earth's natural resources. This means we're not harming as many forests or animals' homes, which is good for our planet's future. Also, furniture made from these materials usually doesn't cause as much pollution because making and moving them uses less energy. Plus, this kind of furniture is better for our health because it doesn't have the harmful chemicals that some other furniture has. When companies use sustainable materials, they're also meeting the needs of customers who care about the environment, which can make these companies more popular and trusted.

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