Family Wrestling on Couch

Crypton Home Fabric

Home is Where the Smart Is – Carefree Comfort

Transform your home into a family-friendly sanctuary where everyone can relax and unwind. Crypton Home features fabric textures like velvet, linen, chenille, and boucle in rich, lively colorations, creating a cozy place for adults and children to gather worry-free.

An added comfort is knowing that Crypton Home’s permanent stain-resistant technology makes cleaning easy. Permanent silver-ion technology fends off micro-organisms and safeguards against odor causing bacteria, prolonging the life of your textiles. This is why the New York Times says, “Consider Crypton Home.”

Water pooled on Crypton fabric

Spills? No problem.

Crypton’s technology repels and resists liquids, even oil-based spills.

Small child sitting a back cushion, squishing it. Naughty child.

Wear? Not here.

Don’t let the softness fool you. Crypton’s durability is unmatched.

Dropped sushi with splashes of soy sauce

Stains? No worry.

Stain repellency and soil release makes cleaning easy.

Dog on a sofa. Implying that he's a stinky boy, but we all know he's a good boy.

Odors? Full stop.

Crypton is odor resistant. Odors don’t linger or spread.

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