Gardner White's list of the best mattresses of 2023

Best Mattresses of 2023

The mattress experts at Gardner White have compiled this list for you, the BEST MATTRESSES OF 2023! We used rigorous testing, sampling, customer data, and over 100 years of collective experience in the mattress industry to bring you this list. For more information about the best mattress for you, please read on:

Last Updated: August 17, 2023

The Best Memory Foam Mattress of 2023

The ProAdapt Medium mattress from Tempur-Pedic has earned the distinction of being the best memory foam mattress of 2023. New this year is the Tempur-APR® Support Layer, their most pressure-relieving material ever. The medium comfort makes it a great choice for sleep partners with different comfort preferences but both still enjoy a memory foam feel from their bed.

Our mattress experts chose this model because of Tempur-Pedic’s long history of developing the best comfort foams for bedding, and this year’s inclusion of the Tempur-APR® Support material. When it comes to comfort and support from a memory foam mattress, there is none better than the ProAdapt Medium mattress.

The Best Innerspring Mattress of 2023

The best innerspring mattress of 2023, the Stearns & Foster Lux Estate Medium Tight Top

Stearns & Foster earned the best innerspring mattress of 2023 with the Lux Estate Tight Top Mattress. The new addition this year is that TEMPUR-Indulge foam is included. This foam was exclusively developed for Stearns & Foster by the sleep experts at Tempur-Pedic. As a medium comfort, this bed is an excellent choice for sleep partners who have different comfort preferences but also like the traditional innerspring feel.

Our mattress experts chose this mattress as the best innerspring for 2023 because of the pressure-relieving and body-aligning IntelliCoil innersprings. Their unique design consists of a taller, more flexible outer coil that compresses more easily under light pressure to support your whole body and a shorter, more tightly-wound inner coil that only activates under greater pressure to provide relief at pressure points. 

The Best Hybrid Mattress of 2023

The best hybrid mattress of 2023, the Serta iComfortECO S30LTX Hybrid

The best hybrid mattress of 2023 is the iComfortECO S30LTX from Serta. This recent addition to the list was based on Serta’s commitment to sustainability (up to 70% sustainable materials used), and their introduction of the 1000 Series 5-Zone Quad Coil System. The hybrid segment of the mattress market is very competitive so choosing this year’s winner was challenging.

Our mattress experts chose the S30LTX because not only do you get the memory foam feel from the TerraFusion™ Memory Foam, but they also added in a layer of latex for maximum comfort. These are all supported by the aforementioned 5-Zone Quad Coil System which is perfectly designed to support all five parts of your body, the head, shoulders, hips, knees, and feet.

The 2023 Best Mattress for Back Sleepers

The bes mattress for back sleepers, the Serta Perfect Sleeper Ultimate Hybrid Detroit Firm Pillow Top

The Detroit Firm Pillow Top Mattress from Serta Perfect Sleeper is the best mattress for back sleepers in 2023. The firm feeling is a popular option for people who sleep on their backs. An added bonus is the pillowtop which will feel comfortable, but not soft as it is a truly firm pillowtop.

Back sleepers tend to have a harder time finding the right mattress for them. Usually, the mattress is either too firm or too soft causing discomfort and broken sleep. It’s the best because it’s a firm feeling pillowtop, and a hybrid so it meets the needs of back sleepers. Our mattress experts unanimously agreed on this one!

The 2023 Best Mattress for Side Sleepers

The 2023 best mattress for side sleepers, the Beautyrest Harmony Lux Diamond Plush Pillowtop

The 2023 best mattress for side sleepers is the Harmony Lux Diamond Plush Pillow Top from Beautyrest. Side sleepers need extra support and comfort for their hips and shoulders while they lay on a bed. This is exactly what you’ll get from the Diamond thanks to Micro Diamond Memory Foam and T2 innerspring coils.

Our mattress experts were challenged when testing mattresses for side sleepers, a group of people who have more support needs than anyone else. At the end of the day, the Diamond Plush Pillowtop mattress outperformed all other models. Regardless of your body size, if you’re a side sleeper, your best option is this mattress.

The 2023 Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers

The 2023 best mattress for stomach sleepers, the Aireloom Night Stars 2000 Streamline Luxury Firm Mattress

The Aireloom Night Stars 2000 Streamline Luxury Firm Mattress is the 2023 best mattress for stomach sleepers. Those people who can only get good sleep by laying on their stomachs will benefit from the support and comfort the NS2000 offers. Keeping a stomach sleeper’s spine aligned is tricky based on their position, but the Streamline does that job well.

Gardner White’s customers rave about this mattress as being the best for stomach sleeping, which is one factor that sided our mattress experts in awarding this bed. The combination of organic cotton and hypoallergenic latex provides ample comfort while 8’’ Support-flex™ tempered coils give firm support to your body. You cannot go wrong with this model if you are a stomach sleeper.

The Best Cooling Mattress of 2023

The best cooling mattress of 2023, the Tempur-Pedic LuxeBreeze Medium Hybrid

Our experts have chosen the TEMPUR-LuxeBreeze Medium Hybrid Mattress as the best cooling mattress of 2023. Tempur Pedic really knocked this one out of the park with so many different layers of cooling material. If you sleep hot, forget the fan, and try a LuxeBreeze Medium Hybrid mattress!

This one was probably the easiest decision for our mattress experts. As soon as the topic of the best cooling mattress was brought up the Breeze mattresses were immediately suggested. The tipping point was the medium comfort so that it’s good for everybody and the hybrid construction for maximum comfort and support.

The Mattress with the Best Technology for 2023

The 2023 best technology mattress, the King Koil Smart Life

The Smart Life mattress from King Koil has the best mattress technology of 2023 according to our mattress experts. This bed comes with all the bells and whistles. It features over 80 individual Smart Cells in eight independently controlled zones using thousands of algorithms to give your unique body the support and comfort it needs.

The Smart Life is one of the few mattresses on the market that allows you to adjust the comfort to your personal preference. And, in keeping up with modern technology, you can do so with either a wireless remote or by using an app on your smartphone. Another awesome feature is the Smart Alarm feature which creates a gentle wave motion to help you wake up peacefully versus a traditional loud alarm clock.

The Best Mattress for Back Pain in 2023

The 2023 best mattress for back pain, the Aireloom Night Stars Starlight Luxury Firm

Trying to sleep with back pain is extraordinarily difficult, so it’s crucial to get the best mattress for back pain. Aireloom’s Starlight Luxury Firm is the absolute best choice to support your body and to align your spine properly while not allowing you to to sleep in an uncomfortable position. If you suffer from back pain, it is very important to have your spine aligned properly while you sleep.

Aireluxe™ foam is an incredibly durable and resilient foam which conforms to your body and aligns your spine to minimize sleep disturbances. Our mattress experts vetted many different mattresses to decide the exact one that would be the best of the best for relieving back pain. The Starlight Luxury Firm is the only one to meet all of the conditions necessary to accomplish back pain relief almost completely.

The Best Pillowtop Mattress in 2023

The best pillowtop mattress of 2023, the Beautyrest Black C Class Plush Pillow Top

The best pillow top mattress for 2023 is the C Class Plush Pillow Top from Beautyrest Black. This mattress is the standard by which all other pillowtop mattresses are measured. It’s super comfy pillowtop will encourage you to drift off to sleep while it’s patented T3 coil system supports you throughout the night.

When you think of a pillowtop mattress, you think of a super mushy bed that basically feels like sinking into a bean bag chair. Nothing could be farther from the truth when considering the C Class Plush Pillowtop. Our experts did their due diligence and rest assured that this mattress is the absolute best pillow top model available on the market today.

The Best Mattress for Kids & Teens

The 2023 best mattress for kids, the Casper

The Casper is the 2023 best mattress for kids and teens. This all-foam mattress is engineered for cool comfortable sleep. Its design was always meant to appeal to the largest amount of body types and sleep positions.

This mattress, the first one that Casper ever came out with, features zoned support, cooling layers, and a durable base that will work great for kids of all ages. This is also an economical choice for parents on a budget who need a high-quality mattress without breaking the bank.

The Softest Mattress of 2023

The softest mattress of 2023, the Aireloom NS5000 Plush

The softest mattress in 2023 is the Night Stars 5000 LuxeTop Plush from Aireloom. Choosing the softest mattress proved to be challenging for our mattress experts. A lot of options are soft, but the softest of the soft? There was the challenge!

The choice for the softest mattress came down to which one felt like sleeping on a cloud, or a big marshmallow. The NS5000 LuxeTop Plush is one that you can definitely sink into and get the plush comfort feel. For anyone who really prefers a super soft feeling surface, this is the mattress for you!

The Firmest Mattress of 2023

The firmest mattress of 2023, the Beautyrest Black L Class Firm

The firmest of the firm, almost like sleeping on the floor, the firmest mattress of 2023 is the Beautyrest Black L Class Firm. This bed is akin to sleeping on a large futon mattress on the floor, it’s very very firm. Anyone who prefers the firmest feeling surface to sleep on will love this mattress.

Gardner White’s mattress experts debated on which of the really firm mattresses to choose for this list. The decision to go with the L Class Firm was based on customer feedback, the popularity of the model in terms of sales nationwide, and the construction materials used to make this model. The L Class Firm is the best firm mattress choice.

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