Casper Wave Hybrid Snow Collection

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Casper Wave Hybrid Snow


Snow Technology

12+ hours of cooler sleep.

The Casper Wave Hybrid Snow Mattress provides ultimate support paired with Snow Technology for 12+ hours of cooler sleep. The best mattress for less aching and more sleeping, with a QuickCool Cover that creates a cool-to-the-touch experience every time you crawl into bed. Plus HeatDelete Bands to direct heat away from your body throughout the night to keep you comfortable. With 4D Sleep Technology Casper’s innovative mattress formula that brings together a proprietary combination of materials to unlock your best night’s sleep -- for even better tomorrows.

Touch: The Casper Signature Feel helps you fall asleep faster.

Temperature: AirScape 3 and Snow Technology increase airflow and pull heat away from your body for 12+ hours, so you don’t wake up sweaty.

Alignment: Zoned Support Max lifts your hips to align your spine and help prevent discomfort.

Time: Rest Index Testing ensures all-night comfort.

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Mattress Type Hybrid
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