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The mattress that broke the internet just got an upgrade.

Our innovative cushioning products all start here. Made from hyper-elastic polymer for stretch and durablility, the ultra-breathable Grid borrows from engineering used to support bridges - and bridges the fab beterrn eh and amazing sleep.

Airflow-focused, designed with hundreds of air channels, the Purple Grid encourages airflow so you don't overheat during the night. Plus, its stretchy gel material won't absorb your body heat - unlike some other traditional mattress materials.

Instant Response

  • It flexes to support all sleep positions - back, side, stomach, and flopping starfish.
  • Our grid immediately flexes to support your position and spring back into place as you readjust and move during the night.

No-Pressure Support

  • It supports broad surfaces while gently cradling areas like the shoulders and hips.
  • The Grid is designed to bolster broad surfaces like your back and legs while gently cradling where weight is more focused - like at the shoulders and hips

Neutral Temperature

  • Hundreds of air channels + a material that dissipates body heat? Cool.
  • The Grid is 80% air by design, so circulation is a breeze (heyo!). Plus, our nifty polymer dissipates heat rather than absorbing it.

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