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Renovo Sleep

Restore, recharge and refresh with a great night's sleep, delivered.

Refresh reversible mattresses let you sleep long and cool with a reversible mattress that can be tailored to your demands for a perfect sleep. The reversible mattress has a plush side and a firm side - you choose according to your personal preference. Each mattress is encased in multiple layers of foam for the most comfortable sleep and feature a feran ice cover for cooler sleep.

Feran Ice

Due to its permanent hydrophilic function, Feran Ice produces the fastest moisture transport on textiles for the highest wear comfort. An improved moisture transport also means a better distribution of the moisture on the surface. As a result, the evaporation performance of the cover increases and it dries much quicker, which is also advantageous for hygienic reasons. Feran Ice will produce a pleasant cooling effect.

G Flex Gel Memory Foam

100% gel infused foam, to help maintain your body temperature for a deeper sleep. Your first choice in memory foam, is designed to absorb and distribute pressure. Now, with the infusion of gel; G Flex can provide you a unique, superior product that offers a cool sleep with luxurious comfort, durability and pressure relief.

Adapta Flex Memory Foam

AdaptaFlex is a superior high density foam with a combination of softness and resilient support that makes it ideal for use in your mattress. Deisgned to respond to both body temperature and weight, AdaptaFlex's advanced memory foam molds naturally to fit every contour of your body. It absorbs and distributes pressure like no other. It's slow recovery properties ensure it returns to it's original shape, resulting in a better mattress.


  • Feran Ice Cover for cooler sleeping experience
  • Plush side
  • G Flex Gel Memory Foam wicks heat away from your body
  • Renovo Comfort Core for great support
  • G Flex Gel Memory Foam wicks heat away from your body
  • Firm Side

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