Serta iComfort Blue 300 CT Mattresses Collection

Comfort Reimagined™

The Blue 300 CT Plush mattress features three different types of EverCool® foam on top of a dense, all-foam support core. Together, these layers deliver a lush, conforming feeling that supports you throughout the night. If you’re looking for a plusher mattress that still provides exceptional support, this is it.

TempActiv® Touch Cover

TempActiv technology is integrated into premium fabric for an instant cooling sensation you can feel the moment you touch the mattress surface.

EverCool® Fuze Gel Memory Foam

A fusion of cooling gel and premium memory foam, this comfort-inducing combination cradles you and helps cool you in a substantial, pressure-relieving embrace.

Deep Reaction™ Max Memory Foam

Only available in select iComfort models, this highly-dense memory foam has both cushioning and conforming qualities for a firm, yet comfortable deep-down support.

Serta Balanced Support Foam

Think of this as the wingman of the foam world. Balanced Support Foam is used to strike the ideal balance of cushioning and support, no matter how firm or plush you prefer your mattress.

Serta ComfortLast® Support Core with Ultimate Edge® Foam Encasement

A dense, premium, all-foam support core featuring high-firmness foam sides for strengthened edge support and reduced late-night ‘roll off’.


- TempActiv® Touch Cover
- 2" EverCool® Fuze Gel Memory Foam
- 1/2" EverCool® Supreme Memory Foam
- 1/2" EverCool® Fuze Gel Foam
- Serta® Ultimate Edge® Foam Support Core - Profile Height: 11.5"

- TempActiv® Touch Cover
- 1 1/2” Deep Reaction Max Memory Foam
- 1” EverCool® Fuze Gel Memory Foam
- 1” Serta Balanced Support Foam
- 1/2" EverCool® Fuze Gel Foam
- Serta® Ultimate Edge® Foam Support Core - Profile Height: 11"

Measurements are approximate and may vary +/- 1/2".
Your size selection and comfort choice will determine final construction.

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