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Bed-in-a-Box Memory Foam Mattress


A mattress that makes sense and feels great, built with comfort options for every type of sleeper.
We’ve combined luxurious materials designed to sleep cool, bounce back, and minimize motion transfer.
Get ready to experience sleep the way it was intended.


Not sure where to start? Learn what different firmness mean and how it relates to what kind of sleeper you are.

Comfort Scale


Our SOFT comfort level offers an ultra-plush comfort that cradles and hugs your body but doesn’t sacrifice support.

Perfect For…

  • Side Sleepers
  • Back Sleepers
  • Stomach Sleepers

  • Sleep mainly on your side with some
    back/stomach sleeping
  • Require pressure relief to eliminate
    limbs falling asleep
  • Love being hugged by your mattress


Our MEDIUM comfort level is our most popular firmness that offers a luxurious plush feel with a firm support.

Perfect For…

  • Side Sleepers
  • Back Sleepers
  • Stomach Sleepers

  • Are a back, stomach and/or side
  • Like a medium to firmer surface
  • Prefer comfort which is not too
    soft or firm
  • Prefer to feel like your body will
    be positioned above the material
  • Are a couple who wants to meet
    in the middle with your
    comfort preference


Our FIRM comfort level is supportive and comfortable yet allows little depression when laying on the mattress.

Perfect For…

  • Side Sleepers
  • Back Sleepers
  • Stomach Sleepers

  • Are a back or stomach sleeper
  • Prefer not to sink deeply into the
  • Require additional lumbar support
  • Prefer a smoother, flat surface for


We take pride in every mattress we build and assemble each one with the highest quality materials in the industry.


1 • 2″ of TitanFlex™ Comfort

The perfect comfort layer that contours the shape of your body for unparalleled comfort.

2 • 2″ of TitanFlex™ Support

The perfect support layer that contours the shape of your body for unparalleled support.

3 • 6″ of High-Density Base Foam

A high quality and durable foam core, built to last and resist sagging for any weight range. Our foam is a High Density Polyurethane Foam.

A breathable and quilted pillow top cover that sleeps cool and offers luxurious cloud-like comfort. Our cover is quilted in-house – we believe in using only the highest quality fabrics, no shortcuts.

TitanFlex™ is made with open cell material and includes thermal titanium beads. TitaniumGel™ will help to alleviate any body heat before it becomes trapped in the mattress. TitaniumGel™ also helps to increase the overall durability of the foam, making it the longest lasting hyper-elastic material on the market.

A well-designed and quality core significantly affects the durability and longevity of a mattress. We use a high density, supportive base foam; Perfect for longevity yet still comfortable so you don’t bottom out. No matter the weight range, this core will not sag prematurely and will last 20+ years.


Building the best mattresses ever begins with innovative technology and using the best quality materials on the market. Our Research & Development Team stays on top of cutting edge technology by advancing our industry expertise and knowledge in order to bring to life mattresses and products that are engineered for the dreamer in all of us.

Because we understand that there is no good idea that can’t be improved upon, our BME is springing ahead by upgrading from latex to a newly innovated TitanFlex™ foam — A hyper-elastic HD foam with immediate response technology and increased durability. Not only is TitanFlex™ more durable than latex, it also features TitaniumGel™ which has been tested, and proven to sleep cooler than latex.

To find out what else makes TitanFlex™ superior to latex, read on!


Enhanced Breathability

In short, TitanFlex™ is just cooler, than latex. Blended with new tech, TitaniumGel™ has proven to allow enhanced thermal conductivity. As the material contours to your body the TitaniumGel™ goes to work, allowing better airflow and decreasing any heat that is being trapped by your mattress. By hugging your body and adapting to your body’s temperature, TitanFlex™ material allows you to fall asleep cool, and stay cool throughout the night.


Augmented Support

Go ahead, put your back into it. TitanFlex™ provides the best of both worlds by distributing the pressure. TitanFlex™ is built with an open-cell structure that reacts to your body heat and weight by molding to your body, helping relieve pressure points, along with joint and muscle pain. Added bonus: It reduces tossing and turning, to help ensure a restful sleep—for both you and your sleeping partner.


Titanium Strength

TitanFlex™ stands the test of time. It infinitely outperformed latex in strength and durability in an accelerated aging study. And the dense foam ensures durability. So, your mattress will be with you a long time.


Moisture Absorption

When compared with latex, TitanFlex™ has much higher fluid absorption and greater moisture wicking due to the open-cell and chemical design of the foam. The unique design allows the moisture to be released from the mattress more quickly.



Made without ozone depleters, flame retardents, heavy metals or formaldehyde, TitanFlex™ is CertiPur Certified. This eco-friendly mattress prevents the release of volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere, so you can rest stress-free.

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