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National Dress Up Your Pet Day

In honor of National Dress Up Your Pet Day, we are taking full advantage of looking at cute photos of pets in different outfits. It may be for a special occasion, Halloween or for warmth, but whatever the reason, these pets are adorable! Whether you agree with dressing up your pet or not, you can’t…


Gardner-White is Pet-Friendly!

At Gardner-White, the whole family is welcome! If you’re out and about with your pup, don’t worry about going home, bring them shopping with you! Here are Gardner-White, we welcome your pets to shop along with you. They’re part of your family, we want them to be comfortable too! Before You Go Shopping with Your Pet…


Your Guide to Buying Pet Friendly Furniture

Buying new furniture is exciting…and overwhelming. Especially when you’re a pet owner. Now if you’re someone who doesn’t allow their pets on the furniture, this task might not be as daunting as someone who does. My dog wouldn’t take no as an answer, so I needed to find a sofa that was durable and easy…


How To: Make Your Home Pet Friendly

Pets can be one of life’s greatest blessings. They give unconditional love, give you the cutest looks and will keep you active. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t mischievous little things and can really mess your house up. Now, I LOVE my dog. (You can see her in the picture on the left.) She is…