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Kids Furniture Buying Guide

Shopping for furniture that will meet the needs and personalities of your kids can be pretty challenging. There are many factors to consider and many options available. Fortunately, the furniture experts at Gardner White have your back. We’ve compiled all the information that you could need in this kid’s furniture-buying guide.

Last Updated: April 4, 2023


First and foremost, durability needs to be a primary concern when selecting furniture for children. Kids are rambunctious balls of energy, and they are almost always on the move. As such, you should consider the durability of the furniture, and how long it will last. Kids keep growing so the furniture should be able to withstand the years of abuse while they grow into young adults.

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What piece is right for your kids? Do you need bunk beds for a shared bedroom? Will your child need desk space for them to do homework or art projects? How much storage do they require? The options for functionality in furniture are quite diverse so you should definitely have an idea of what your kids need while shopping for their furniture.

If you’re trying to decide how to furnish a nursery, the article ‘Tips For Choosing Nursery Furniture‘ from The Washington Post has tips on how to do that. Perhaps your child has outgrown their nursery and they’re just beginning school. Or maybe you have a tween who has begun to express their identity. Another possible scenario is that your teenager has outgrown their children’s furniture and needs larger pieces. Knowing what they need and when is crucial to finding functional furniture pieces for your kids.


Safety is a critical feature when considering items like bunk beds. You want to be sure that the kids are safe when they’re on the top bunk so they cannot fall. Additionally, you want to know that they have a safe way to climb up to the top bunk as well. Rest assured that safety options are a common feature in kids’ furniture and that manufacturers have your child’s well-being in mind when designing new styles.

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Available Space

Your kids usually have a finite area to use when furnishing their space. Knowing the dimensions of the rooms in which you will provide them with furniture will help when considering new furniture pieces. Some beds are larger than a tiny bedroom can fit. A new dresser might be too big, or not big enough. You might not be able to include a desk in their room with a bed in there too. Knowing the sizes of the rooms, and the sizes of the furniture that you’re considering are super important as it can make the difference between a loft bed with a desk underneath, and just a bed without a desk.


A kid’s furniture should reflect their personality. If they like sports, then maybe consider items with a sports theme. If music is really their thing, then provide a space for them to play. Maybe they like to climb so rather than getting them a regular bed you get a loft bed. Add to that the many colors and materials available and the style of your kid’s furniture becomes an important factor to consider.

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Let’s face the facts: furniture can be very expensive. And the furniture that your kids use will only be used for a finite amount of time. You’ll want to get the most out of your investment so knowing a budget when you start the shopping process is crucial. While kids’ furniture comes in a wide range of prices, Gardner White has many financing options that can help alleviate the upfront financial burden of providing quality furniture for your kids.


Since you’re adding furniture to your kid’s space, you should take advantage of storage furniture options available to you in kids’ furniture. Adding furniture with additional storage capacity will allow you to maximize the space used for the furniture. However, we cannot guarantee that this will mean your kid will pick up their items and store them properly. Sorry!

Need More Assistance?

The furniture experts at Gardner White are here to help you find the right furniture pieces for your child. You can chat with one live here online, call one at (586) 774-8853, or stop into one of our furniture stores near you to see kids’ furniture options in person.

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