Kim Adam’s Dining Room Traditions

HolidayDining copyOne of the craziest things I’ve ever said as a mother came after I found my two toddlers sitting under our formal dining room table eating crackers. I walked into the room and said in utter dismay  “No eating in the dining room!” As soon as the words came out of my mouth, I started to laugh. How ridiculous that the sight of my kids eating crackers under our fancy table would prompt such shock. But the kids knew the formal dining room was only for special occasions. The crystal and china, turkish rug, and the beautiful dining set complete with….ready for this…white, silk covered chairs!  Yes, I said white silk. Clearly a purchase made before my 5 adorable kids were part of the picture.

That was the day I decided we needed to use our dining room more. Why have a formal dining room if no one is even allowed to eat in it? I thought I would start with Sunday dinners. But a few months later, we moved into a home with no eat-in kitchen at all. The home was built in 1928 when the only people that ate in kitchen were the servants. So our beautiful dining room table, and our 6 white chairs became our everyday table.   At the time, I had 4 kids. Including 3 children under the age of 6.  So you can imagine how quickly my white chairs became multi-color with stains of every kind. And you know what?   I didn’t even care. I loved that every family meal seemed special. It was a gorgeous room that felt cozy and warm.

Family dinner is a tradition in my home. We sit down as a family at least 3 times a week.   Its when my kids talk about their day. Where we pray and come together and shut out the rest of the world. I love my dining room table. I love that my children will remember it someday. And not unlike my life, those perfect white chairs are now a bit stained and imperfect. And I love that too.

Bring those traditions home to your dining room with a new dining set. Gardner-White offers a range of dining sets to fit your family style and size! Here are just some of the options we offer!

Jordan Tristan Samantha Lancelot hayden

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Halloween Decorating Ideas from Kim Adams

With sunshine and temps in the 80s for much of October, decorating for Halloween just hasn’t felt right. But now as cooler weather returns, it’s time to break out the tombstones, fake spiders, and spooky hanging ghosts. This year I wanted something a little different for my own house.  Pinterest is like an internet buffet of ideas. Which is great, but can also be overwhelming. So I narrowed it down to my Top 5 New and Unusual Ways to decorate for Halloween.


head in jar

Here’s what you need to make your own:

Find the instructions and other tips here!



1. Cut chicken wire.

2. Form the shape of the head.

3. Form the torso.

4. Create support.

5. Form the arms.

6. Attach body forms.

7. Add shoulder support.

8. Form the legs.

9. Attach base to torso.

10. Create skirt.

11. Complete body form.

12. Cover with cheesecloth.

13. Hang half-figure ghosts.

Full instructions with pictures and supply list here! 



This garage door has been shared all over social media! Make your own with this tutorial! 


Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 10.38.15 AM

Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 10.38.07 AM

Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 10.37.58 AM









 See more patterns and get templates here! 


paper mice

  1. 1. Print mice template.
  2. 2. Trace the shapes onto black construction paper, and cut out.
  3. 3. Mount as desired with masking tape.

Find the mice template and other instructions here!

Hope you all have a safe and Happy Halloween!!!!!

Kim Adams

Halloween 1

Emmy award winning television and film personality and mother of 5, Kim Adams is one of metro-Detroit most recognizable faces. While most remember her as a skilled meteorologist at WXYZ (ABC-Detroit) and WDIV (NBC-Detroit), Kim has now joined the film industry appearing in “Scream 4″ starring Courtney Cox and David Arquette. Kim can also be found on national tv shows such as “Detroit 187″ and “20/20.” She’s currently a medical reporter for the Childrens Hospital of Michigan. Kim’s busy schedule also includes being a spokesperson for numerous local and national companies. Kim graduated Summa Cum Laude from Oakland University ranking 3rd in her graduating class. She received a master’s degree from Wayne State University majoring in Radio/TV & Film. In addition, she studied thermodynamics and dynamics at the U.S. Department of Agriculture Graduate School in Washington, D.C., and synoptic meteorology at the Ohio State University.

What is Microfiber?


Imagine a fiber so fine and delicate that it’s four times finer than wool three times finer than cotton, twice as fine as the finest silk and one hundred times finer than human hair.

Microfibers, as they are called, measure less than one denier. The term denier measures the fineness of man-made fibers. Denier is the weight in grams of 9,000 metres of yarn, which is equal to one denier. One to three denier refers to fine cotton or wool, five to eight denier is average cotton and wool, 10 to 15 denier corresponds to very fine nylon stockings.

Micro-denier fibers are finer than any fibers occurring in nature. These fibers are available in a range of deniers making it possible to produce a variety of fabric types and weights.

Micro-fibers are not a new idea. The Japanese developed microfiber yarn nearly 20 years ago. The most well-known microfiber fabric today is Ultra suede.

Composition of Microfibers

Microfibers are made from polyester, nylon, rayon and most recently acrylic. They also can be blended with other fibres including cotton, linen, wool, rayon and Lycra spandex. Blends enhance the appearance, hand, drape and performance properties of the fabric. At this time there are no regulations about the per cent of micro necessary for using the term micro-fibre.
The fabric industry agrees that 35 to 40 percent is the minimwn amount required to retain the desired hand and performances.
Companies are concerned about small amounts being used in a fibre blend as an advertising hype and calli!lg the product a ‘micro-fibre’.

Micro-fibres can be woven or knitted into a variety of fabrics such as twill, satin, faille, crepe, taffeta and broadcloth. Various finishes enhance the look and feel of micro-fibres. Peach skin provides a velvety hand, others have a silk, sand washed or a leather look.

Characteristics of Microfibers

  • Strong and durable
  • Lightweight and supple
  • Good stability and shape retention
  • Wrinkle resistant
  • Washable and dries quickly
  • Comfortable to wear as they are more porous
  • Water repellent and wind resistant
  • Doesn’t water spot

Uses of Microfibers

Because air passes easily through the fabric, moisture is wicked away from the skin’s surface to the outer face of the fabric. This makes micro-fibres particularly desirable for outerwear and body wear. These fabrics can take on visually any surface and texture quality. They can be sanded or sueded giving a lush velvety texture. End uses for microfiber fabrics include men’s slacks and ties, women’s silk-like blouses and dresses, hosiery, evening wear, tailored suits, children’s wear, rain wear, intimate apparel and sheets and pillow cases. Luxurious upholstery fabrics are also getting the micro-fiber touch. Fabrics made from these ultra-fine fibers can be produced from filament and staple yarns. Other applications include wiping cloths, high performance filters, artificial blood vessels, sanitary and towel products.

Are you ready to add microfiber to your home? You’ll love the soft touch and the luxurious look of microfiber. Here are some microfiber sofa’s you can add to your living room!


Fenway Collection


Upton Collection


Valeri Collection


Fountain Collection


Denmark Collection

Check out more of our microfiber sofa’s here!

The first portion of this blog is taken from Digital Commons @ University of Nebraska – Lincoln. See the original article here.
Tondl, Rose Marie. “NF91-47 Micro-Fibers.” Digital Commons @ University of Nebraska – Lincoln. University of Nebraska – Lincoln, 1 Jan. 1991. Web. 18 Oct. 2016.

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Yesterday, you found your style. Whether you are cosmopolitan, old school, colorful or another style, it’s time to accessorize your room without breaking the bank. Gardner-White has a number of items that will transform your space into your style for under $99!


Red Tulip Wall Art $69


Suri Rug $59


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Select Your Style: Dynamic Dining

Dining areas are an excellent way to really experiment with new styles for your home. It is easy to change your look with something as simple as place settings, updating your seating, or even changing out your entire table completely. Dining sets come in a wide variety of styles for all different sorts of living habits. Here are examples of the Dynamic Dining styles you can find at Gardner-White Furniture. Which of them sounds the most like you?

Dynamic Dining: Farmhouse It doesn’t matter if you live in a rural area or the most urbane of settings, the Farmhouse style is perfect for people who long for a more rustic aesthetic in their dining and/or kitchen area. Pairing wood grain with cream coloring is an excellent way to achieve the Farmhouse look, like you can see in both the Sundance and Whitesburg collections.

Dynamic Dining: Lavish For those who prefer a more traditional and classic dining rooms with a bit of flair, there is the Lavish look. You like feeling fancy while you dine in style. We have many dining collections that are perfect for you, but to get started try looking at the North and Cabernet collections.

Dynamic Dining: Angular For those who are anything but traditional you can eschew the old school dining room table and chairs for something with a more Angular design. The Joring is a high-end take on cafeteria-style seating made for your home. If you want to make even more of a statement with your dining set, there is the very elegant glass-top Berkley collection.

Dynamic Dining: Bistro Whether you need to save some space or you just like you interior design to be more reminiscent of the al fresco dining you so enjoy, you can add a bit of Bistro style to your home. The Bree collection is a gorgeous dining set with an elevated bistro-inspired design. If you are looking for a new twist you can even opt for a pub table like in the Chambers collection.

Dynamic Dining: Industrial If you like the look of reclaimed wood, upcycled goods, and a healthy mix of retro goodness then the Industrial style is probably more up your alley. The Vintage collection has the distressed look to really make your dining space pop. The Urban/Rustic collection features reclaimed wood in a variety of styles and design solutions that are great for homes of all types. Mix and match between the collections to really up your interior design game.

Select Your Style: Beautiful Bedrooms

Select Your Style Your bedroom is your secret retreat from the world. It is the place that is easiest to make reflect your own personal style and taste since the only person you need to impress is yourself. Here are examples of the Beautiful Bedrooms you can find at Gardner-White Furniture. Which of them sounds the most like your style?

Beautiful Bedrooms: Rustic Your happy place involves cabins or cottages. You appreciate the gorgeous nature of wood grain. Your style is Rustic. You would appreciate the look of the Western Bedroom Collection that showcases the natural look of wood against a creamy white. If you are looking for a set with a darker aesthetic you should try the Mitchell Bedroom Collection.

Beautiful Bedrooms: Fabulous There is one word that describes everything about you: Fabulous. You want your bedroom to reflect this accurately. The Saxon Collection has the glitz and glamour that embodies your essence with mirrored accents and a metallic finish. Prefer a little more understated expression of your style? The Image Collection might be more your pace.

Beautiful Bedrooms: Linear You like furniture that makes a statement without being flashy. You appreciate the appeal of an Art Deco influence in your design. You are drawn to Linear designs. The Belair Collection has the mentioned subtle Art Deco influence. Then there is the Tacoma Collection that pairs long lines with tastefully curated curves to make a truly elegant design.

Beautiful Bedrooms: Unique Your style stands apart from the crowd. You seek out designs that have that certain je ne sais quoi. You are Unique. Take a look at the arches that serve as the legs of the bed in the Raven Collection. You might also enjoy the bold wave pattern design of the Franco Collection.

Beautiful Bedrooms: Plush Your style is similar to that of Fabulous above, but you focus more on a type of comforting luxuriousness. Your taste is Plush. Either the Traverse or the Grayling would be your kind of bed. They are both sumptuous without being ostentatious.

Step Into Spring With a Fiesta

Spring has come and there are many things to be done! Spring cleaning, planting flowers and switching out winter clothes for spring and summer clothes are usually on the list of things to do. But what about redecorating your home?

Are you currently sitting on your couch that you’ve had for 25 years? Or are you sick of all the dull colors in your home? Spring is the time to refresh, get rid of the old and add the new!

With springtime brings bright colors, and the industry knows it. Pantone® recently released the colors of spring and one color popped out to us – Fiesta. Pantone®’s Fiesta is a vivid red that will contrast with other spring shades.

Big Fiesta

Pantone® 2016

With this strong and vibrant color, it will make any room pop and bring excitement to your home.

You might be thinking, “This is a little too bold for me, how would I incorporate this color into my home?” Gardner-White can help! We actually have a living room collection called the Fiesta! Add some spice to your living room this spring with our Fiesta Living Room Collection! The whole collection features a sofa, loveseat, chair, ottoman and accent chair with individually pocketed, heat tempered coils and ultra soft linen fabric to provide comfort and relaxation. Whether you choose to add the whole collection to your home, or just certain pieces, the Fiesta Collection is sure to make a statement!



There’s never a better time to redo your space than spring. Out with the old, in with the new. Shop the Fiesta Living Room Collection today at!

Love the color but not the style? Shop our products that can be custom ordered to fit the color and style that you want! Custom order your living room set today!

Select Your Style: Living Room Looks

Select Your Style: Living Room Looks
Shopping for a new living room look can feel a bit overwhelming with all the different styles that are available. Sometimes it is hard to even know where to be begin. Here are some style suggestions to get you started. Do any of these styles sound like you?

Living Room Look: Retro Chic
Did you watch Mad Men for decorating ideas? Do you just love clean lines and minimalist design? Your style is Retro Chic. A great way to achieve this look in your home is to combine classic collectibles (like the iconic Royal Haeger Black Panther) with new pieces of furniture designed in the Modernist vein. The Odelia Leather Sofa, Dancer Sofa, and the Sabrina Deauville Stone Sofa are examples of new pieces inspired by classic Mid-Century Modern designs.

Living Room Look: Colorful
People describe you as bold. No shade to those who prefer neutral tones, but you like everything in your life to be a little brighter. Your style is Colorful. The idea of a brown couch is just not what you are looking for (but you do know the power of utilizing accent colors). No, what you want is your sofa to be the centerpiece of the room. The Taffy Microfiber Sofa is a gorgeous shade of teal and the Fiesta Sofa is a bright red, both excellent options for those who want a little more color. You can also find a wide range of sofas in our collection that have customizable fabric options.

Living Room Look: Old School
Traditional. Classic. Old School. Your taste withstands the test of time. Furniture that doesn’t need a lot of flowery description. Leather. Wood. Quality. Imperial. Tiffany. Venice.

Living Room Look: Rococo
You could also describe your style as Baroque, but let’s face it, Rococo is much more fun to say. You love ornate decoration and extravagant details. Your ideal couch will pair perfectly with a gorgeous Persian rug or some other similarly detailed carpet. The Grant Sofa, Layton Delia Chenille Sofa, and the Weslynn Sofa are all examples of furniture pieces with an extra bit of flair suited to your tastes.

Living Room Look: Cosmopolitan
You either dream of loft living or already have found your ideal loft space. Cosmopolitan style these days is a marriage of industrial and modern designs. The furniture that is to your taste needs to equally look at home with a backdrop of exposed brick or floor-to-ceiling windows. Your decorating style is most likely minimalist, so you truly use your furniture as statement pieces. You are drawn to pieces like the Costello and the Desmond.

In with the New: Style & Decor for 2016

As the new year kicks off we often spend time reflecting on our appearance and changes we want to make moving forward. But have you taken a look around you? A new year is a great time to refresh your space with added style and decor.

From your living room sofa and the color of your walls to an all new bedroom retreat, updating your furniture can help turn your home into a place for daily rejuvenation.

Where can you start? Either let your own creative juices take over or look to experts for the latest trends. To expand on your own tastes, find a small piece – a favorite painting or decorative element – and build from there. Love Claude Monet’s water lilies?

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 5.15.37 PM


Then run with a large piece that picks up a majority of the colors (in this case a Rainstorm sofa) and add accents that pickup the lesser used colors (emerald, magenta, and teal).


Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 5.22.37 PM

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 5.25.35 PM

By using the original piece as a guide, you can create a space all your own. Also keep in mind the sofa example above is just one of the many sofas at Gardner-White that can be custom ordered – for FREE! – in roughly 89 different fabrics with 50 different pillow options. Did we mention, the sofa is just $599? Now that even helps out if you’ve resolved to save money in 2016.

If you don’t feel like you have the creative savvy to trust your own style check out some of the trends online. Although, you might be surprised to find out that the 2016 color of the year is… white. Well, not exactly white, but Alabaster (Sherwin-Williams), Simply White (Benjamin-Moore), Cappuccino White (Glidden) and Ivory Keys (Behr). Read more here.

If you were hoping for something with a little more intensity, check out the Pantone® color report for Spring 2016. With names like Fiesta, Buttercup and Snorkel Blue you’ll be curing those winter blahs in no time.

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 5.39.16 PM



Color Your World: 3 tips to add color to your room.


Our emotions can be controlled through the colors we see.  When you walk into a room for the first time the emotional response should match the type of room.  If the room is for resting, such as a bedroom or family room, darker color values such as green, blue, or burgundy would express a feeling of restfullness.  But what if you aren’t sure what colors to add that will make you feel relaxed after a long day of work?  Here’s 3 simple tips to adding color and emotion to your room.

1) Choose a color scheme:  We recommend starting with the 80/20 rule:
80% neutrals on the walls.
20% bold color on the furniture.

You’ll be amazed at the difference a little color can make to your room.  While choosing your specific colors be sure to keep in mind the emotional impact.  If  you want the room to look lively choose red and yellow tones.  If you want the room to look more calm and relaxing choose blue and brown tones.

web_claire_room_2400x16002) Contrasts and lighting:  The location of the window in each room can also effect how colors appear.  You will want to keep this in mind because if you are choosing dark colors they will appear even darker in a room with light filling a room from the north.  In this case you would be better off choosing a slightly lighter color than your fist choice would have been.  The opposite can be true if light fills a room from the south.  In this case colors would appear lighter than the initial choice would have been, so you would be better off choosing a slightly darker color than your first choice.  You will also want to be sure you have the right amount of contract in your room to allow your accent colors to stand out even more.  A high-contrast room uses light and dark colors as a combination to enhance the formality of a room while a low contrast room is designed to enhance soothing qualities.

3) Find a pattern:  Look at the colors in a large pattern from your current room, then choose a piece of furniture that can accent those colors or choose colors that fit your current furniture.  If your favorite artwork is green and grey you can choose the grey to be 80% of the color in your room and green to be 20.

If you are looking for new furniture to stand out in your house take a look at some of our color products today.