White Furniture From Gardner White

A woman sits upside down on a white sofa

White furniture can bring a fresh and timeless look to any room. The furniture experts at Gardner White know everything there is to know about white furniture, it’s even in our name! Here are some examples of white furniture that we carry which are very chic and trendy currently:

Last Update: September 13, 2023

White Sofa

A white fabric sofa with Cindy Crawford sitting down

White living room furniture is wildly popular amongst current furniture trends. Even Cindy Crawford has a collection of furniture (Cindy Crawford Home) that features white sofas, white loveseats, and white chaise lounges.

White Dining Room Furniture

A white wooden dining room furniture set with a table, six chairs, and a matching buffet

White dining room furniture has been popular for several decades. Because it is so easy to clean, it stands out, and it creates a serene and clean atmosphere, white furniture remains very popular and trendy.

White Bar Stools

Two mhite bar stools with light brown woven seats

White bar stools are a nice addition to your home for both added seating and for the stark contrast that they can offer to your bar seating area. They brighten your bar area and make it look far more elegant.

Twin White Bed

Anarasia Twin Sleigh Kids Bed in White

A twin white bed is a great decor option for your kid’s bedroom. It’s easy to clean and helps to showcase other design color options in the room. It’s also gender neutral so it can work in any kids’ bedroom! White bunk beds are also very popular!

Architectural Digest answered questions about decorating with white furniture in this article.

The Benefits of White Furniture

Here are some nice features and benefits of white furniture:

  1. Timeless elegance: White is a classic color that never goes out of style. It can fit into various design aesthetics, from traditional to modern, making it versatile and enduring.
  2. Brightens the space: White furniture reflects light and can make a room appear brighter and more open. It’s an excellent choice for smaller spaces or rooms with limited natural light.
  3. Pairs well with any color: White is a neutral color that complements virtually any other color. This means you can easily change your room’s color scheme or decor without having to replace your furniture.
  4. Creates a clean and serene atmosphere: White furniture gives a sense of cleanliness and serenity. It can make a room feel calm and peaceful.
  5. Expands visual space: Because white furniture reflects light and creates a sense of openness, it can make a room appear larger than it is.
  6. Easy to clean: While white may seem like a risky choice in terms of stains and dirt, it’s often easier to clean than darker-colored furniture because stains are more visible, and you can attend to them promptly.
  7. Showcases decor and accessories: White furniture serves as a blank canvas, allowing your decor and accessories to take center stage. It won’t compete for attention with colorful or intricate decorations.
  8. Coordinates with various styles: Whether you prefer a Scandinavian, coastal, minimalist, or shabby chic style, white furniture can be incorporated into these design schemes seamlessly.
  9. Gender-Neutral: White furniture is often considered gender-neutral, making it an excellent choice for shared spaces or spaces where you want to avoid gender-specific colors.
  10. Mix and match: White furniture pieces can be mixed and matched with other colors and materials. This allows for a personalized and eclectic look.
A white fabric l-shaped sectional couch and matching chair

Kris Edel

One of the best parts about white furniture is that it’s literally a blank canvas!  You can change with the seasons and follow trends with ease and minimal investment! Pillows, throws, rugs, accents, and accessories are easy ways to freshen a room! Everything goes with white, it’s always fresh and bright and it’s easy to live with for years!

— Kris Edel, Director of Gardner White’s Design Studio


Remember that while white furniture offers many advantages, it also requires regular maintenance to keep it looking pristine. Cleaning and stain prevention are essential to enjoy the benefits of white furniture fully. You can read our blog to find out how to clean wood furniture.

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