Introducing the New Jack Daniel’s® Whiskey Barrel Table & Stools

A pub table made from a Jack Daniels whiskey barrel with four wooden stools

Our newest product is a licensed Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Barrel Table with matching stools. This table set is a great statement piece made by the Gascho brand, known for its beautiful Amish artisan carpentry. For more information, check out each piece individually here:

Last Updated: October 18, 2023

New Table – Jack Daniel’s® Whiskey Barrel

The top view of the Jack Daniels whiskey barrel table with an inset glass piece viewing portal to show the top of the barrel with the Jack Daniel's logo

As shown in this top-view image, the authentic Jack Daniel’s whiskey barrel comes complete with the company’s logo and branding. There’s also a steel footrest that’s been powder-coated for a reinforced structure and for an authentic pub feel to the table.

Swivel Barstools

A wooden four-legged barstool with a contoured swivel seat in a light brown color

The matching barstools that are available to come with the whiskey barrel table are solid wood with a swivel seat. They feature a contoured seat for comfort and are the perfect height to accompany the table in this set.

Jack Daniel’s® Pub Furniture

Established in the 1830s and registered in 1866 by Jack Daniel, the Jack Daniel Distillery is the first registered distillery in the United States and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places (Source: Jack Daniel’s makes about 2,500 barrels of whiskey each day so repurposing old barrels into furniture is a move toward sustainability.

A photo of one of Jack Daniels' Barrehouses

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