Adoptable Dog of the Week: Caroline

A black, mixed-breed dog sitting indoors with ears perked up.

Each week, Gardner White features a Pet of the Week available for adoption from K9 Stray Rescue League in Oxford, MI. This week’s adoptable dog is Caroline, a young mixed-breed pup looking for her forever home 🐶

Meet Sweet Caroline!

Caroline is roughly 3-years-old and weighs in around 61 lbs. She has been on a mini vacation with a foster family so she can take a break from the rescue and more can be learned about her.

Caroline quickly picks her favorite person and is very loyal and loves to be next to you. She will bring back her toys with a gentle release and will wiggle her way into your heart! This pup has spent a lot of her life without a family of her own so she is still learning new sights and sounds—but she quickly comes around if vanilla ice cream is involved!

Caroline is available to meet by appointment as she is currently in a foster home. She would need a family where any children are 8 years and older.

Interested in giving Caroline a forever home? Click here to fill out an application