Teacher Appreciation Contest Winner Announcement

Members of Garnder WHite's delivery team set up furniture for Teacher's in Saginaw

Gardner White, Michigan’s #1 store for furniture and mattresses, ran a contest for educators to win a $5,000 makeover of their teacher’s lounge! The contest winner is 1st-grade teacher Ms. Regina Alfred of Arthur Eddy Elementary School in Saginaw, Michigan!

Here we are featured on Flint’s ABC12:

Ms. Alfred was nominated by Tontaneesha Woodside and here’s what she had to say:

Ms. Alfred teaches 1st grade in a targeted area critical need school.  I’m amazed at how she is able to bring out the best in her students, academically and morally. My grandson, who is socially impaired, has learned so much this year. The makeover is very much needed, the school has no funds for anything other than the necessities. It would mean the world to see this little beacon in the spotlight!

We just want them to be comfortable in their teachers’ lounge – a place where they can decompress throughout the day. So, we were able to provide them with some soft seating, some places where they can eat their lunch, and relax.

Bridget Spurlock, Gardner White’s director of visual merchandising.
A view of the completed makeover of the Teacher's Lounge at Arthur Eddy Elementary School

On behalf of the staff and teachers of Arthur E Academy we would like to thank Gardner White for this awesome teachers lounge makeover. We are so thankful and appreciative. We want to thank our awesome teachers who work so hard here at Arthur Eddy as well as Ms. Alfred who did such a wonderful job that she was entered into the contest. And we want to thank our parent. Our grandparent of one of our 1st grade students Ms. Woodside for entering us. We appreciate this so much, we are so excited and I can’t wait to reveal it to all of our teachers. 

Ms. Tania Baston – Principal of Arther Eddy Elelmentary School

Our contest winner, Ms. Regina Alfred, was quoted as saying, “We have some wonderful families here at Arthur Eddy and I’m just honored to have been acknowledged for doing something that I love

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