Summer of Sleep Featured in the News

Gardner White‘s President, Rachel Stewart, sat for an interview with CBS News Detroit to talk about our Summer of Sleep program. Watch the video below to learn more about the newest sleep technology, our summer mattress sales, and why it’s a good idea to think about buying your new mattress with our well-trained sleep experts.

Rachel Stewart, president of Gardner White, is interviewed on CBS News Detroit

Helping People Get Better Sleep

We’re setting people up for success with the right pillows, the right mattress, getting them in the right environment for them

Rachel Stewart – President, Gardner White

Our Summer of Sleep program is helping people identify what is keeping them from getting a great night’s sleep and fixing that issue. Through Labor Day, customers can receive a personalized sleep assessment and plan to help deliver the ultimate night’s rest. Read more in this article from The Detroit News.

Everyone Sleeps Differently

What is right for one person is not necessarily what will be right for the next person. The mattress experts at Gardner White have developed an assessment to identify what each person needs from their bed. Rachel expands on this thought:

Everyone’s body is so different in so many ways, and their physical health is so different. The issues that they have to solve are different. So I think it’s really important to first go through an assessment to see what those issues are.

Rachel Stewart – president, Gardner White
Click here to be taken to our mattress quiz which can help you find the right mattress for you!

Giving Back to Our Community

Gardner White has partnered with Grace Centers of Hope and Angels Place to donate 100 mattresses. This is happening during our Summer of Sleep, which ends on Labor Day. It’s one of the many reasons why Gardner White is Michigan’s #1 mattress store!

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