Introducing the Bozeman Bedroom Furniture Collection

An all wood bedroom furniture seat featuring a headboard, footboard, chest, nightstand, and dresser

New to Gardner White is the Bozeman bedroom furniture set, which includes a bed, dresser + mirror, nightstand, and chest. This set is a stunning example of furniture built from combining natural materials and industrial materials. This combination makes for a rugged-looking but sturdy piece of furniture that will stand the test of time.

Last Updated: October 18, 2023


A medium brown chest of drawers with long horizontal thin drawer pulls made from wood and metal and a concrete top

As you can see in this image of the Bozeman Chest, this collection of bedroom furniture incorporates beautiful wood with concrete and steel for a unique look. The added bonus is that the materials are such that will last for a very long time to come. Durability is what these new pieces are all about!

Combining different materials like wood and concrete can be seen as a design statement, showcasing creativity and an appreciation for mixing traditional and modern elements. It can add a sense of uniqueness to your bedroom.

Hardware & Construction

Medium brown wood nightstand with a concrete top

The drawer slides for the Bozeman bedroom furniture set, specifically the nightstand, dresser, and chest, feature ball-bearing drawer glides. The construction of each drawer includes a French dovetail at the front and an English dovetail at the back. The furniture pieces are made more sturdy with high-quality construction techniques and hardware options.

Luxury and Technology

Medium brown wood dresser with steel handles, a mirror, and a concrete top

As an added bonus, the top drawers of the nightstand, chest, and dresser are all lined with velvet for a luxurious feel and to protect your more delicate items from potential damage. In terms of technology, the nightstand also features two USB ports so that you can plug your charging cords into it rather than taking up valuable plug sockets.

The interior of all the pieces is stained to match the outer surfaces. This feature is relatively uncommon, given that furniture manufacturers frequently omit this step to save money in the construction process. This demonstrates that the Bozeman bedroom furniture collection constitutes a luxury set.

Medium brown wooden bed with steel hardware
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