All About Lighting

A woman sits at a table using a laptop with a lamp and overhead lighting at night

The best table lamp, or the best floor lamp for your home is the one that meshes with your design choice and provides a cozy atmosphere. The experts at Gardner White have worked to bring you this guide to explain everything there is to know about home lighting. So, please, read on to learn what you need to know about illuminating your home:

A woman sits at a desk illuminated by overhead hanging lights and a lamp.
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The Purpose of Lighting

Determine the primary purpose of the lighting in each area of your home. For example, task lighting is essential for workspaces, while ambient lighting creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere in living rooms and bedrooms. Another consideration is if you need multiple levels of brightness.

Lighting Layers

Many different types of lightbulbs in different illuminations hanging from a ceiling

Incorporate different layers of lighting for flexibility and functionality. These layers may include ambient, task, and accent lights. Each layer serves a specific purpose and can be combined to create various effects.

Choose the right level of brightness for each space. This is measured in lumens. Consider the activities that will take place in the room and the desired mood when deciding on the brightness level.

Color Temperature

The color temperature of light is measured in Kelvin (K). Warmer temperatures (around 2700K to 3000K) create a cozy and relaxing ambiance, while cooler temperatures (around 4000K to 5000K) are more energizing and suitable for task-oriented areas.

Dimmer Compatability

If possible, select lamps and fixtures that are compatible with dimmer switches. Dimming capabilities offer greater control over the ambiance and can help save energy. Dimming the lights can extend the lifespan of bulbs, especially when using LED bulbs.

Opt for energy-efficient options, such as LED bulbs, to reduce electricity consumption and lower utility bills. LEDs are long-lasting and eco-friendly compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. In the end, energy-efficient lighting along with dimmer switches can also save you a lot of money over time.

Lighting Style and Aesthetics

A trendy light fixture with multiple bulbs

Choose light fixtures that complement the overall style and decor of your home. Whether you prefer modern, traditional, industrial, or eclectic designs, there are plenty of options available to match your taste.

Consider the placement of lamps and light fixtures to ensure even illumination throughout the room. Avoid harsh shadows or dark corners by strategically positioning the lights.


Budgeting for illuminating your home is much simpler than other furnishings thanks to the wide availability of lights at pricing from very affordable to extravagantly luxurious. You’re sure to find the lighting that you need and want at the price that you can afford thanks to all the available options. If you’re trying to save for now, consider lamps before light fixtures to save a little bit of money.

Two identical lamps on either side of a blue leather couch
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best types of lighting for each room?

Generally, a combination of light fixtures installed in the ceiling or upper walls and lamps placed strategically around the room. Depending on the use of the room, consider getting brighter or more muted lightbulb options.

How to create a cozy atmosphere with lighting?

Consider using lower-intensity bulbs where possible. Use lamps and strands of tiny lights for more ambiance. Also, consider using led lighting to minimize power usage.

What are some creative lighting ideas for small spaces?

Floor space is at a premium in small spaces so consider sconces or hanging lights. A small chandelier can also give off plenty of light for a small space and take up little to no space depending on ceiling height. Small battery-operated lights that can be moved around as needed are a great option as well.

What are the latest trends in home lighting design?

Fixtures that feature incandescent lighting are the latest trends. More lights with dimmer lightbulbs create a mellow ambiance in your home. Lantern-style lights and recessed lighting are also very popular.

What are the best lighting options for outdoor spaces?

Sconces for the walls, stands of lights with lightbulbs hanging, and floodlights for security. Another popular option is to include a firepit with your outdoor patio furniture set.

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