Introducing the New TEMPUR-Adapt Medium Mattress

The new Tempur-Pedic Adapt Medium mattress with a family playing games

Tempur-Pedic, the industry leader in memory foam mattresses, has just released a new model for 2023, the TEMPUR-Adapt Medium. Each TEMPUR-Adapt® mattress features unique layers of proprietary material originally developed by NASA. For more information on the latest addition to Tempurpedic’s collection, read on:

Last Updated: October 16, 2023

Split king TEMPUR-Adapt Medium mattresses on top of Ease adjustable bases in a bedroom.

Adapt Medium Support

Made from combinations of Tempur-Pedic’s proprietary materials, the TEMPUR-Adapt Medium adapts and responds to your body’s needs throughout the night. Continuously conforming. Relieving pressure. Reducing motion. Delivering just the right sleep for your body so you wake up feeling more rejuvenated than ever.

The Layers Within an Adapt Medium

An image showing the inner layers of foams that make up a Tempur-Pedic Adapt Medium mattress.

The new Adapt Medium mattress features an updated TEMPUR-ES Comfort Layer of foam that helps support your body. The cool-to-touch cover is making a return from previous models, along with the original Tempur support layer. The combination of these layers makes for a really good medium-feeling foam bed. 95% of Tempur-Pedic mattress owners experience better sleep and fewer aches and pains than on their last bed.

Pressure Relief & Motion Separation

This mattress utilizes a distinctive viscous response that effectively absorbs the force exerted by your body and its pressure points. This remarkable feature minimizes tossing and turning, allowing you to experience a more profound and restful sleep. Tempur-Perdic’s are well known for motion separation, which ensures that you and your partner can enjoy longer periods of undisturbed sleep, ultimately resulting in a refreshed and rejuvenated night’s sleep.


We believe in the quality of our products and we build them to last for years. Still, we realize that sometimes things go wrong. To protect you against defects, we include a limited warranty with most of our products. 


You can read Tempur-Pedic’s full warranty policy here.

The JD Power Award for America's #1 mattress brand in customer satisfaction, awarded to Tempur-Pedic

Is the Adapt Medium Good For You?

Yes! Because of the medium comfort and the highly supportive nature of Tempur-Pedic’s foams, this mattress will work for any body size and sleep position. However, if you really prefer a very firm or very soft surface to sleep on, I would recommend you consider a different mattress.


I like the TEMPUR-Adapt Medium Mattress because it is a great option for people who are just introducing a Tempurpedic to their bedroom. The medium comfort is a great compromise for sleep partners who have different comfort preferences. Plus, the price for an Adapt is on the lower end of the scale for all Tempur-Pedic models. Overall, I would definitely recommend this mattress if you’re looking for a new high-quality foam mattress.

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