Introducing Tempur Pedic’s New Breeze Mattresses

Tempurpedic Luxe Breeze hybrid mattress with a hound dog laying on top of the bed.

Tempur-Pedic’s newest beds for 2023 are the Luxe Breeze and Pro Breeze mattresses. These innovative mattresses help you to feel up to 10° cooler all night long. Read all about the newest features that the Breeze Tempur Pedic mattresses offer below.

What’s New?

Image of a Tempurpedic Breeze mattress explaining the Pure Cool, Ventilated materials and the Smart Climate cover
Pure Cool+® MaterialVentilated Advanced Relief Material™SmartClimate® Cover
Draws excess heat, which is a factor in poor sleep, away from your body to help you sleep at a good external temperature.Provides good airflow through the mattress ensuring that excessively warm air is moved away from your body.Allows you to keep your sleep surface clean and the cool-to-the-touch feeling helps you relax and get ready to sleep.
Cutaway image of a Breeze mattress showing the various material layers like the ventialted advanced relief material, and the Pure Cool Plus material.

KEVIN SAYS “I can’t get enough of the new cover Tempur-Pedic has put on its latest Breeze offerings. 62% of people are seeking a way to sleep cooler at night. The removable and washable textured cover is a home run, allowing for optimal air flow and temperature regulation”.

Kevin Aldred – Mattress Expert at Gardner White

What New Tempur Pedic Models Are Available?

Tempur-Pedic Breeze mattresses come in two model types, the Pro and the Luxe, and there are a total of five mattresses. ProBreeze® mattress comes in an all-foam model, the Medium, and a hybrid, the Medium Hybrid. LuxeBreeze® mattress is available in three comforts, the all-foam Soft & Firm, and the hybrid Medium Hybrid model.

A pair of sleep partners relaxes on a Tempurpedic LuxBreeze Medium Hybrid mattress in their bedroom

KEVIN SAYS “We all need support, comfort and temperature regulation to get the best night’s sleep and these all new and improved Breeze mattresses provide the latest technology to achieve just that.”

Kevin Aldred – Mattress Expert at Gardner White

Tempur Pedic Breeze

The bottom line is that Tempur-Pedic listened to its customers and has developed mattresses to address their concerns. The Breeze Collection of mattresses provides much more cooling properties than past Tempurpedic beds. At the same time, they also offer greater airflow for a more breathable sleep surface.

Memory foam mattresses slept hotter than most other mattresses and older versions of the Tempur material were guilty of this as well. With the innovations of ventilated material and Pure Cool Plus material, Tempur Pedic really went the extra mile to make their customers happy.

Read PR Newswire’s article introducing the new Breeze mattress collection here.

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