Trend Alert – Coastal Grandmother Style

The latest trend that has been making waves on social media is Coastal Grandmother. According to Lex Nicoleta, the social media influencer who first coined the term, this style is about “taking elements of an aspirational lifestyle and bringing them in to your everyday life.”

The Coastal Grandmother lifestyle highlights the calming feeling of walking into your beloved grandparents home or spending a long, relaxing weekend on the coast. This style differs from the nautical interior trend that pulls in visuals from the beach—shells, anchors, fish, etc.—and instead takes inspiration from the overall coastal experience for a more refined, understated look.

In order to achieve the Coastal Grandmother style, soft neutral tones are paired with subtle textures to mimic the peaceful feeling of walking along the beach. An abundance of white, ivory, and cream are a must. White walls, furniture, and drapery will help create an effortlessly luxurious feeling, which can then be paired with colors pulled from nature like sandy tans, stoney greys, and watery blues.

To finish off the look, accessories with a little more texture and color can be placed in the room. Be on the lookout for natural fiber lamps and rugs, chunky textured throw blankets, and classic white & blue decor.

One doesn’t need to live in a coastal town or be a grandmother to achieve this look. Overall, the Coastal Grandmother trend is all about creating a space that is both inviting and effortlessly refined.

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