Tips to Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home

There’s nothing more exciting than packing up and heading off to college to be on your own for the first time. Finally, you are in charge of the look, layout, and overall feel of your living space. Finding furniture and décor that help you relax and feel at home in your new dorm or apartment is crucial after a long day of classes and work. 

Whether you’re looking for some statement furniture (mine was a sectional corner piece that I dubbed the Pie Couch) or picking out some accessories to jazz up your dorm, Gardner White has you covered this Back-To-School season. 


Having plenty of storage options is key in order to keep a neat and tidy room or workspace. Here are some ideas to make sure your clothes, schoolwork, and household essentials are organized to the max. 

Study Space

You are going to be spending a lot of time working at your desk, be it one that comes with your dorm room or one you picked up before move-in day. Make sure you have all you need to keep your work area clean, organized, and efficient. 


Consider ditching the uncomfortable desk chair that comes with your dorm and upgrade to a more homework appropriate seating option. Your body will thank you. 


The easiest way to spice up your room is with decorations. Spreading out a rug or hanging some art is a quick and simple way to make a new space your own. Faux plants are also a great decoration option if you want to bring a little greenery into your room without the hassle of caring for a real plant. 


Your bed is going to become your go-to spot to relax after long days in class and doing homework. Dorm room mattresses are notoriously uncomfortable and won’t give you the full night’s rest you’ll need in order to take on the school week. Don’t settle for a used mattress and instead treat yourself to the comfort and support of a new bed. 


Along with your new mattress you’ll need a mattress cover to keep your bed clean and protected, as well as linens and pillows. 

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