In The Press: Gardner White Launches ‘Summer of Sleep’

This summer, we want our customers to be able to experience the full benefits of a good nights’ sleep. In order to do this we launched the Summer of Sleep promotion to help match people to the perfect mattress based on their sleeping style, comfort level, and any other factors that impact their slumber.

The Detroit News recently included us in their Welcome Mat and covered our Summer of Sleep promotion as well as our Summer Mattress Sale catalog.

“Study after study shows that a good night’s sleep is a necessity for our mental, physical and emotional health, yet it is an elusive commodity that evades most of us,” said Rachel Stewart, president of Gardner-White. “As a family business that caters to families and cares deeply about their comfort and well-being at home, Gardner-White is on a mission to ensure that people experience the essential sleep benefits they need and deserve.”

Read the full Detroit News article here.