What does Bed-in-a-Box mean?

As you can probably assume a mattress in a box is just that — a mattress that has been put inside a box. But why and how is the mattress in a box? That’s what we’ll really be covering here.

Why Put A Mattress In A Box?

By rolling up a mattress and packaging it in a box, companies such as Casper can more easily ship mattresses straight to consumers. This also creates a more effective delivery model because less space being taken up on a delivery truck means more products can be placed on the truck and less delivery routes are necessary.

This compact packaging design also makes bringing a mattress into a home much easier. Customers no longer need to worry about creating a wide path for a mattress or navigating it through tight turns and hallways. (Though with Gardner White, you get FREE White Glove Delivery meaning our delivery team brings your mattress straight into your desired room so you have even less to worry about!)

How Do You Put A Mattress In A Box?

Since it’s impossible to roll up an innerspring mattress, most boxed mattresses are made out of materials such as memory foam, latex, or a combination of the two. Depending on the model some mattresses have cooling gel layers as well. These mattresses are compressed in an air-sealed bag then tightly rolled up before they are boxed and ultimately shipped off to customers.

Once the boxed mattress is in the customer’s bedroom it just needs to be pulled out of the packaging and laid down flat so it can expand to its true size. Then, the box can be recycled and the mattress is ready to be used! With our White Glove service, our team will do the work of taking the mattress out of the box and removing the packaging materials from your home.

Interested in bringing home your own mattress in a box? Browse our new line of Casper mattresses online now or stop by one of our stores and let our sales team help find the perfect fit for you.