January 11th & 13th Blood Drive Results

First, we want to extend a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has ever donated blood in one of our drives, and especially to the drive this week. The American Red Cross is currently experiencing the worst blood shortage in over a decade and donations are desperately needed.

Thankfully, because of your support, our January blood drive was a huge success! Every store’s drive exceeded their goal and overall 380 units of blood were collected across the two days.

Ann Arbor

Goal: 40 units
Registered Donors: 48
Units collected: 42

Auburn Hills

Goal: 37 units
Registered Donors: 47
Units collected: 48


Goal: 41 units
Registered Donors: 49
Units collected: 48


Goal: 46 units
Registered Donors: 70
Units collected: 63


Goal: 53 units
Registered Donors: 75
Units collected: 63


Goal: 36 units
Registered Donors: 55
Units collected: 48

Goal for Tuesday & Thursday: 323 units
Total Units Collected for Tuesday & Thursday: 380 units
Grand Total Collected since 2001: 14,768 units of blood!

Gardner White, the American Red Cross, and your communities are incredibly thankful for the support. Visit the Red Cross’s website to see what else you can do to help and we hope to see you at our next drive! ♥️