Pets of the Week: The Beverage Bunch

Each week, we feature a Pet of the Week available for adoption from K9 Stray Rescue League in Oxford, MI.

Meet the Beverage Bunch: Bellini, Hennessey, Hiram, Jameson, Scotch, and Soda. All of these pups are looking for their forever homes! 🐶

Meet the Beverage Bunch!

Scary to think these pups are not adopted yet! Too much going on with Halloween? Maybe after trick or treating…who’s thirsty? 😉

All puppies deserve extra attention and training.

It is important that families understand the commitment and amount of work that puppies require before adopting. Puppies need someone who is home frequently because they can’t be left alone for a long period of time! A family that is active and is willing to teach them the way is what these dogs are looking for so that grow up to be the best companions they can be.

Interested in adopting one (or two!) of these dogs? Click here for details.