Pet of the Week: Tessa (Adopted!)

Each week, we feature a Pet of the Week available for adoption from K9 Stray Rescue League in Oxford.

Meet Tessa, a hound puppy. 🐶

Tessa is a little cutie! She is estimated to be about 4 months old and weighs 40 pounds right now.

This girl is all legs and clumsiness! Tessa is also wiggly, playful and fun spirited. As you can see from a couple of her pictures, she has a wonderful, goofy tongue hanging out sit! She loves toys, nylabones, peanut butter kongs and probably lots of other things we haven’t discovered yet. She has a lot of energy as well and would absolutely love a fun, active family who can spend a lot of time with her.

Tessa really needs a family that can provide her with basic obedience and manners work though, she can be very mouthy and her puppy teeth can hurt. She is very sweet and has no mean intent, she just does not seem to have had any guidance. Tessa seems to be more submissive too and in need of positive socialization, she needs someone to show her the way. She seems to catch on fast and is attentive once she gets some energy out, she really has so much potential. A home where any children are at least 8 years old would be best.

She has a nice loose approach with other dogs, so if there is another nice doggy sibling in the house, she would love to meet them.

Interested in adopting Tessa? Click here for details.