Exclusive New Detroit Furniture Collection

We are proud to have launched an exclusive new Detroit Furniture collection, in partnership with Max Home. News of this has reached the ears of the Furniture Today team and they have covered the story online and in print, interviewing the people behind-the-scenes at Gardner-White who have made this possible.

“We’ve had the frames on the floor for less than a month, and the response has been terrific,” said Rachel Tronstein Stewart, Gardner-White president. “As the only family-owned furniture retailer in Detroit, which has been open since 1912, we wanted to honor that heritage with this new collection that’s made in America.”

“We offer performance fabrics on some of the frames, along with exquisite tailoring and timeless design,” said Gardner-White buyer Lindsay Loprest. “There are many arm styles, configurations and multiple SKU’s available along with custom-order capabilities and more than 360 fabric combinations.”

Read the full story here.