Unique Paczki Flavors For You to Enjoy This Paczki Day!

A Paczki is deep-fried dough that is usually covered in glaze and/or icing and filled with a sweet filling such as creme or fruit jams. There are plenty of fun and innovative flavors to taste test. Sometimes, it helps having a list. Even if a bakery doesn’t routinely offer a unique flavor, if enough people ask, consider it done! Here are our top picks for fun flavors from years past to look for as you are Paczki shopping this year.

  • Rose Petal Jelly – stuffed with rose hip filling. 
  • Birthday Cake – buttercream frosting and cake as the filling with rainbow sprinkles on top.  
  • Cappuccino Cannoli Cream –  cannoli cream with subtle coffee flavor.
  • Mango Jelly – a tropical twist with a jelly-like mango filling and mango icing.
  • Orange Patootie – filled with Bavarian cream, contains triple sec and orange and raspberry flavors.

What is the most outlandish flavor that you’ve either had or will try this year?

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