Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Breakfast in Bed, For Dinner!

Why not wind down and relax on Valentine’s Day? Curl up in bed with your loved one and share your favorite breakfast treats, for dinner. There are so many ways to bond around this moment – from picking what to serve, to making or buying the menu items to setting the tray and devouring the goodies together. Follow these simple tips to ensure that your night is seamless and sensual.

Plan ahead. Choose meals that are easy to eat, like toast or foods in bowls. Make a list of everything you will need, including the ingredients for homemade items. Purchase everything early and have each treat ready the night before.

Choose a tray. Pick a design that will elevate the look of the meal and the mood. You’ll want to keep crumbs off the bed, so consider a tray with high edges if you plan to serve anything that could make a mess.

Pay attention to detail. Add special touches like heart shapes, a flower or decorative napkin. Include a note telling your loved one how you feel or share a quote or poem that makes you think of them.

Comfort is key! Be sure that your bedding is soft to the touch and that your mattress is supportive. The Serta Perfect Night Barletta Mattress is on a special buy right now at Gardner-White. The lowest price is guaranteed, and delivery is free.

Include a sweet treat. Include fruit, jam or chocolate based on yours and your loved one’s tastes.

Now that you’ve got a check-list, you can get started on planning the perfect night, with delicious food, the right details and a comfortable atmosphere. Cheers to you and yours!