All About Adjustable Bases

What is an adjustable base?

An adjustable base takes the place of a traditional foundation or boxspring. It supports your mattress while also giving you the ability to sit upright by lifting the top portion of the mattress. More advanced adjustable bases are also able to lift your feet, include a massage feature and let you move separately from your partner. Other uses for an adjustable base are:
• Reading
• Watching TV
• Using a laptop

Types of Adjustable Bases

Selecting the right bed can feel like a Herculean task at times with all the different choices that exist. Adjustable beds are a great option for people who are looking for relief from various health issues or just for an extra level of comfort. Adjustable beds have remotes that allow you to raise and lower your head and feet to suit your needs. King size adjustable beds have the most flexibility in adjustment options, and if you are thinking of getting a king size adjustable bed then you now have the choice (with certain manufacturers) between Split or Divided.

What is a Split King?

This is how a Split King is set up.

King-sized beds are, at the risk of stating the obvious, are quite large. Mattresses are flexible. Foundations, however, are not. To get the base foundation inside your home, whether it is standard or adjustable, it comes in two parts that sit side-by-side under the mattress. A Split King adjustable bed therefore allows each side of the bed to move independently, so it is ideal for people who have different sleep needs. The foundations can also be synced together if you don’t need or want the sides to be adjusted separately.

What is a Divided King?

This is how a Divided King is set up.

Until recently it didn’t matter if you wanted independent adjustment or for both sides of your bed to move up and down together, you needed to order a Split King. For people who prefer both sides of the bed to adjust in tandem there is now the option to buy a Divided King. A Divided King has a foundation that is still made up of two parts, but in this case it goes under the head and foot of the bed. This set-up is more efficient than a synced-up Split King, it removes the redundancy of having two separate motor systems to move your bed, that means a lower cost for you.

What type of adjustable base is best?

If you prefer independent adjustment from your partner then a Split King is what you are looking for. If separate movement isn’t necessary then you can save money with a Divided King. Have further questions or want to start shopping for your adjustable bed now? The bedding experts here at Gardner-White can help you figure out exactly what mattress and base system works best for your budget and needs.

Can you use any mattress on an adjustable base?

You can add an adjustable base to your existing mattress easier than you think. The best type of mattress for an adjustable base is one that can bend and be flexible while maintaining its structure.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are the best type of mattress for an adjustable base. They’re flexible and able to contour to your body and the base without risking the integrity of its structure.

Innerspring Mattresses

Depending on when your innerspring mattress was made will determine if it’s a good match for an adjustable base. Older innerspring mattresses are strictly made of metal coils and aren’t as flexible. Those made more recently (within the last five years or so) are made from a variety of materials and have proven to be more flexible, making it a better option for an adjustable base. But keep in mind, an innerspring mattress may have to be replaced more frequently than a memory foam mattress.

Features on an adjustable base

While each adjustable base is different based on brand and price, here are a list of features that may be included on your adjustable base.

• Adjustable head lift
• Adjustable leg lift
• Zero gravity position
• Massage motors
• Under the bed light
• Bluetooth connectivity

Health Benefits of an Adjustable Base

Many people use an adjustable base for the health benefits it gives! It’s also great for those with certain injuries to get in and out of bed with ease. Here are a few of the health benefits when using an adjustable base:

• Heartburn relief
• Improves absorption of oxygen throughout the body
• Boosts circulation
• Eases back pain
• Reduces snoring
• Lessens arthritis pain
• Helps digestion

We carry adjustable bed models in a variety of sizes and brands with different features! Find the adjustable base that is perfect for you!