Rug Buying 101

You already bought the furniture and now it’s time to accessorize. A rug can be a challenging piece to buy – there’s so many to choose from! Between color, size and style, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Here’s a guide to make the process a little easier.

1. Choose A Rug Size

A typical rug size for a room is a 5×8 or 8×10, but it will all depend on the size of your room. If you have your furniture up against your wall, you can get away with using a smaller rug. If your furniture is placed in the middle of the room, it’s best to get a larger rug. While a smaller rug will not cost you as much, you don’t want to get a rug and have it be too small. Getting a larger rug is better if you’re unsure. Measure out your space before you shop. You typical want the edges of the rug under the front legs of the furniture. Here’s a blog on how to properly size and place a rug!

2. Choose A Rug Color and Style

The next thing to do is choose a color! Whether you want it to be neutral to flow with existing pieces or throw in a pop of color, this can step up your style game. Start to look online at different patterns or solids to narrow down what you’re drawn to and what will look best in your space.

3. Choose A Rug Type

What does this mean? There are many different materials to choose from! And it will also depend on your budget and lifestyle. Think about what room you’re putting it in. If you’re buying a rug for your dining room, find a rug that will be easy to clean, such as wool or silk rugs. If you want something that may look nicer, something made with natural fibers, it might be best to place that in a low-traffic area because they’re not as easy to clean.

4. Examine the Rug Closely

As convenient as online shopping is, you never really know how something actually feels or looks until you see it in person. Rugs aren’t always cheap and if it’s something you want to invest in, if you’re able, take the time to examine it in person. Feel it, examine the colors, even take a swatch of your wall color or fabric color to compare to make sure they are cohesive. If you are online shopping, request multiple photo angles so that you can see it from every side and angle.

5. Prepare to Maintain It

Now that you’ve done your research and invested money into your rug, it’s important to maintain it correctly! Take note of the cleaning codes and suggested cleaning procedures on the rug.

Also invest in a rug pad to put under the rug. This will keep your rug in place and maintain it’s structure. It will also help when vacuuming your rug – which you should do every 2 weeks!

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