4 Ways to Refresh Your Kitchen Without a Renovation

We’ve all been staring at the same thing in our home for months now and if you’re like me, it’s making me want to redo EVERYTHING in my home. But if you’re on a budget and don’t want to go through a whole reno, here are a few ways to easily update your kitchen.

Switch out the Seating

If you have an island with bar stools, just changing out the seating will bring a whole new look to your kitchen! You can change up the whole style of your kitchen depending on the new seating you choose! Check out all of our bar stools here.

Paint the Walls or Cabinets

If you want to keep your kitchen neutral so it’ll be easier to update in later years, paint your walls with a lighter, pale grey. It goes with everything and you won’t need to repaint again when you want a change in a few years. And if you’re feeling ambitious, you can try painting your cabinets! Many of your local home improvement stores sell kits to do this with step by step instructions to make it easy.

New Countertop

If you have the budget to get a whole new countertop, that is a great way to update your kitchen. Otherwise, your local home improvement store sells vinyl adhesives and paint kits (just like the ones they have for the cabinets!) to update your countertop. I’ve used both personally and they do the trick! I would suggest picking a countertop that has grey or beige tones in it. These colors pair well with almost every color cabinetry!

Lighten Things Up!

Another easy switch you can do is change out the lighting. Many people forget about the lighting after it was first put in. But an update to your lighting can make all the difference. You can find all of our lighting options here.

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