Make Your Home a Workplace Worth Working In

If you’re now working from home or homeschooling your kids, it’s important to have a work space to keep focused. This looks different for everyone. Some can work on the couch in front of a TV, some need a desk in a separate room, my husband can do all of his work from bed (that takes some discipline!), and others use their kitchen or dining table.

No matter where you decide to work or do schooling, we are here to help make it better workplace for you!


Desks are great to keep you organized and if you’re easily distracted, they can keep you on track, giving you a work and home-life separation.

And if you need a new, comfy desk chair, click here!

Dining Tables

Dining sets are great for families who are homeschooling right now. All the kids are in one place and there is plenty of room for activities, projects, books and electronics!

Adjustable Bases

If you’re someone who can work in bed (congrats, I’m jealous of you), having an adjustable base can really improve your comfort! Putting pillows behind your back really isn’t all that comfortable and they can easily move out of place. With an adjustable base, easily lift your back and head up into a comfortable position where you can be sitting up.

And if you need a new mattress to go along with your adjustable base, now is the perfect time! Many mattresses come with a free adjustable base! Shop here.

Sofas & Sectionals

If you’re someone who can work on the couch, make it comfortable! Reclining sofas make it able to put your feet up so your laptop can sit comfortably in your lap!

We want to see how you’re working from home! Let us know!

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