Recipe For a Perfect Movie Night at Home

Some of the best nights are just staying home, cuddled on the couch, watching your favorite movie with your favorite snacks. My husband and I have movie nights all the time. It’s a relaxing way to spend time together without spending a lot of money. Now that I’m a pro at home movie nights, I’ve compiled a list of things you’ll need for the perfect movie night at home!

You need a screen, duh.

First, obviously, is something to watch your movie on. Streaming services make it easy for us to watch movies on almost any device: TV, phone, computer, projector, etc. We mostly use our TV because it’s the biggest of the screens and it’s in our communal area. If we want to watch a movie in bed, we’ll use a computer since we don’t have a TV in our bedroom. If you really want to go all out (and an idea I’m obsessed with), put up a projector outside (or inside if whether isn’t on your side)! My husband did this once for my birthday and I loved every second of it. He set up a screen and projector in the backyard and played my favorite movie. Perfect for summer nights! (No pun intended, but I was singing along to that while we watched Grease!)

Pick out a movie!

Whether it’s the newest release or an old favorite, pick out a movie everyone will enjoy. Streaming services are great because they have endless options and are easily accessible. Or go the old school route with a good ole’ DVD!

A Comfy Couch

How can you have a perfect movie night without a comfy couch? You’ll be spending a couple hours sitting on it, so you want to make sure it’s comfortable. Not a fan of your current couch? Gardner-White has a ton of options that fit every budget and every style. My sectional is perfect for movie nights. It has enough room if we want to invite people over, plus has a chaise that we can spread out on.

Another great option is something that has deep seating and soft fabric. Perfect to cuddle up on and will keep you cozy! Or if you want something like the theater, a power reclining sofa will have you reclining and relaxing in style! Plus, don’t forget the power headrest to tilt your head up!

Make the room cozy

One thing I don’t like about movie theaters is that they’re not comfortable. Unless you pay extra for the theaters with the big, power reclining seats, you’re stuck with a crammed, uncomfortable, dirty seat. And you better dress in layers because you never know if it’s going to be freezing cold or uncomfortably hot.

When you stay home, you don’t need to plan ahead and pack a bag full of equipment you might need in the theater. Add a ton of comfy pillows to your couch and cuddle under a blanket to make it more cozy.

Set the mood

One thing that sets the theater apart is that all the lights turn off so you can just focus on the movie you paid to see. Do the same thing at home! I like to add a little light, whether I turn the light on in an adjacent room, use our dimmer, or set out candles.

Bring out the snacks!

I’m someone who needs something sweet AND salty. Popcorn is a crowd favorite, and you can make it even better by drizzling chocolate on it! Or just butter it up, both ways are tasty.

One of my FAVORITE snacks is a white chocolate chex mix. Here’s a recipe for that!

Make it interesting!

Staying home sound boring to you? Make it fun and different! Like I mentioned before, have it outside! Build a fort, make your living room into a movie theater, make it a themed night, whatever you can do to make it exciting for your family!

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