Easy Decor Ideas To Make Your Home Cozy This Fall

The leaves will soon begin to change and it’ll start to get colder outside, which means it’s time to make your home warm and cozy. Incorporate these items in your home to create a fall haven that you’ll love coming home to.


A popular fall upholstery is velvet. It’s soft texture and warm feeling, it’s perfect to cuddle up on on a chilly fall day. From a velvet sofa to a velvet pillow, this texture is perfect for fall in any form!
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Warm Colors

Bringing in colors such as oranges, reds, burgundys and browns will warm up your space and give you that fall vibe. If you want to go all out, paint a wall! Or you can just bring in accents like florals, pillows and blankets.

Fall Vegetative Texture

The easiest way to decorate for fall is incorporating fall texture! Bring in the pumpkins and leaves! Need some leaf inspo? Shop our leaf products!

Distressed Texture

Distressed items can bring a certain aspect of cozy that will just make a soft, fall glow. Bring this in in your furniture, wall art, woods, metals, etc.


Candles are probably the easiest way to warm up a space and make it nice and cozy. Get candles of different heights and even better – get fall scented candles! You won’t want to leave your home.
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Just like candles, lanterns bring a fall vibe and can be placed around your home.

Chunky Knits

Once that first fall crisp happens, chunky knits will be EVERYWHERE. Bring out your fall sweaters and grab a big chunky blanket. This trend is climbing, so you can expect to see knit items everywhere from scarves to throw pillows.

Modern Farmhouse

Modern Farmhouse has been a growing trend for a couple years now, and it’s perfect for fall! It really makes your home have a cozy feel with the mix of industrial and rustic-chic.


Bring in layers of rugs, throws and pillow that incorporate the warm colors to get ready for fall and will keep you cozy all night long.

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