Stay Connected With These Smart Designs

There’s nothing worse than when you look at your phone battery and it’s at 10% or worse, dead. Then you have to find an outlet on the other side of the room to charge your phone. But we have good news – those days are gone!

Technology has made its mark on furniture. Easily charge your phone on the furniture you’re sitting on!

Hi-Tech Living

You can upgrade your living room to be high-tech by opting for furniture with USB ports in the seating! With easy to reach plugs, you can easily charge your phone or tablet while you are watching TV or playing a game. Most commonly found on the side of a power reclining set, a USB port can also be found in center consoles and hidden storage arms!

Rest & Recharge

If you’re someone who likes to charge their phone overnight, you’re in luck. And don’t worry, you don’t have to charge it in an outlet far from your bed. Manufacturers are starting to put USB ports on the nightstands and on the side of headboards, making it super convenient to find a charging port. Plus, most nightstands will have a cut out in the drawer to hide the cords so it will keep your bedroom looking tidy. You can also find USB ports on adjustable bases!

Plug-In While You Work

It’s more common than not to be working or doing homework on a laptop or tablet. Along with your smartphone, there are many accessories that can accompany these electronics, so having enough ports and outlets is important in a work space!

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