Are You Ready for Game of Trone?

This is Trone. He is basically the Khal around here. Here are some of his favorite thrones (well, sofas).

The Gaylord Collection is an incredibly lush set of furniture. The earthy tone of the fabric ties together any room, while the contemporary accenting ottoman and pillows add just the right amount of flair. Trone loves to cozy up with the Gaylord Collection – and you will too! Also comes in brown!

The Juno Collection will be your new favorite place to relax. Lounge on soft, genuine top grain leather (cowhide) while you recline at the push of a button. The leather is everywhere you touch with vinyl on the sides and backs. The color of the Juno is the next great debate. It’s a very rich grey with warm brown undertones, so depending on the lighting, it can show up as more of a charcoal grey or a warm brown. The stitching on this collection adds a beautiful detail that makes it unique. Perfect for movie watching, this collection not only reclines, but also props your head up with power headrests! The loveseat includes a center console to store your remotes or snacks.

With strong lines and dark pewter upholstery, the Icerink Collection adds both style and comfort to a living room. This collection has everything you’re looking for; modern styling, durable construction, soft chenille upholstery and it’s made in the U.S.A.

The Fargo Collection is a luxurious leather living room collection that lets you recline in style. Features genuine top grain leather (cowhide) everywhere you touch in a brown color and beautiful stitching. The sides and back are upholstered in material that simulates leather. The Fargo Collection lets you recline at the touch of a button, and includes a power headrest too! The loveseat features a center console with cup holders. You’ll also love the USB port on all pieces for added convenience! The Fargo Collection is perfect to re-watch Game of Thrones or your favorite movie!

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