Your Guide to Buying Pet Friendly Furniture

Buying new furniture is exciting…and overwhelming. Especially when you’re a pet owner. Now if you’re someone who doesn’t allow their pets on the furniture, this task might not be as daunting as someone who does. My dog wouldn’t take no as an answer, so I needed to find a sofa that was durable and easy to clean.

Furniture is quite an investment money-wise so you want to make sure you’re getting something that will last and is worth the money! You need to make sure it’s durable, can easily hide stains or won’t stain and can handle the hair situation.

If you’re in the market for new furniture and need something pet-friendly, here are some factors you should keep in mind while you’re shopping.


The material you choose can determine a lot of things, mainly how durable it is. If you choose something that is lighter in color and more delicate, it’s going to show more signs or wear and tear, and it’ll be harder to hide any stains. But lucky for you, Gardner-White has many choices of durable fabrics, and they don’t look or feel like the utility, durable type of fabric you’re thinking.

The best types of fabrics to look for are leather, microfiber, tweeds, synthetic fabrics such as rayon, nylon, acrylic, or polyester, and patterned fabrics.

Easy to Clean

We had just gotten a new sectional and on a whim decided to get a new puppy not long after. I’m so thankful I knew a dog would be in our future at some point, so when picking out our furniture, I picked something that was durable and won’t be a pain to clean.

When picking out your fabric, look for something that is slicker or tightly woven. That will help keep pet hair from sticking into the furniture which leads to a mess and a nightmare to clean. Leather-type furniture is great because it easily wipes down and hair usually slides right off of it. With tightly woven fabrics, it’ll be easier to vacuum hair off of it as well.

Some microfibers are stain resistant too! Usually dotting a damp cloth on the spill can pick it right up!

For extra protection of your furniture, we offer the best protection plan! There are a couple different options, but they all come with cleaning solution for each type of surface so that you can easily remove stains. Here’s more info on that!

Durable Construction

You have to think past the durable fabric when you have a pet too. What about the construction? If your animal likes to dig or eat things, is your furniture able to withstand that? I actually have a family member who’s dog liked to dig and dug a hole in their mattress. (YIKES!) It’s pretty common, so making sure your cushions are sturdy and durable is something to keep in mind. And if you have a large dog sitting on your sofa or bed, can the frame handle the jumping on and off?

Need some extra furniture care tips? Click here for our helpful tips on every furniture surface in your home!

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