Tips to Avoid Sickness at Home

It seems like the sicknesses this season are never ending. Each week is something new that is passed around the office or at school. The biggest worry is passing that sickness to the rest of your family at home! Here are some tips to control the spread of germs around the house if a family member is sick!

Wash Your Hands Often and Sanitize Everything You Touch

Washing your hands helps prevent the common cold and the flu! The more you wash your hands, the less likely you are to be spreading germs around the house. Make sure to scrub with soap for at least 20 seconds (Try singing Happy Birthday). Also take a disinfecting wipe and wipe down everything that you touch – railings, door handles, counters, TV remotes, etc!

Have a Specified Sick Room

It’ll help if you keep all the germs in one room or area so they’re not spread throughout the house (also less areas to keep cleaning!). If you have an extra guest room, have the sick family member stay there until they start to feel better. This way, if there are people in your home that have a compromised immune system, they can stay away from that area. This same tip goes for the bathroom! If you have an extra bathroom, have the family member use that bathroom only and everyone else use a different one.

Wash, Wash, Wash

If you don’t have an extra room or bathroom, wash your sheets and towels often! Give the sick person their own washcloth and hand towel so everyone else doesn’t have to share. You may have to do more laundry, but it’s wroth it.

Wash your children’s toys! Children are always playing with their toys and putting them in their mouths. The more often you wash them, the less germs that will be spread.

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