Record-Breaking Blood Drive at Gardner-White!

Thank you to those who came out and helped at our blood drive! We had a great turnout and this was the most units of blood we have ever collected so far for our Gardner White/WDIV blood drives and we beat our goal!

“Once again we had a great turnout and for our Gardner White!  Thank you all so very much for all of your hard work! Our goal was to collect a minimum of 431 units of blood and we collected 107% of our goal collecting 463 units of blood. This is an all- time high for the Gardner White blood drives !! As you all are aware, we are currently on an Urgent Appeal for blood donors so every donation really makes a difference. Just coming off of the holidays and the winter months pose an extremely difficult challenge because of factors like flu season and inclement weather etc. So THANK YOU once again for partnering with us on this life-saving mission during a challenging time of year! Thank you to WDIV for the stellar media coverage of the event as always! But a HUGE THANKS to everyone involved for all of your hard work on making this event a huge success! Have a wonderful day! Please see below for the results.” – Jamila Wilson, American Red Cross

Total Goal for all stores: 431 units of blood

Total Units Collected:     463 units

We are now at a grand total of 11,910 units of blood!

Here’s a peek at what our day looked like!


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